Mela Blanc Negrolloge
Vital statistics
Title Don Black
Gender Male
Race/Species Negoroid
Faction The Spatial Onyx Syndicate, The Colour Constellation, Blackoome System
Description Mean, Rude, Tough, Godfather-Style Personality
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Natural Agility
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Blackwater City, Blackoome Prime (Hometown)
  • Black City, Dark-Matter Moon (Beta Universe, Tebble Sector, Blackoome System) (Ruling Residence)
Alignment Crime Lord Antihero

Don Mela B. Negrolloge, AKA Don Black, is an Alternate UUniversal Negoroid from Planet Blackoome Prime. He is a black-colored mouse-lemur being who was one of the many crime bosses of the Colour Constellation, and had a family who was friends with the system's president, President Jerlock Blackoome. However, everything changed when the Villains Act attacked the constellation, and after they usurped Blackoome and seemingly killed him, he had enough standards to be against this not just because of his heritage and ended up chasing away the VA, but because the society was too damaged by the VA's attacks, he and his organization, the Spatial Onyx Syndicate, had to rule in place of a legitimate government, and like all the other big crime bosses of the Constellation, he decided to let the society repair itself until it's safe to restore peace and order once again. However, this ended up getting attention from people who wish to bring law and order to the constellation systems once again on the precautions that they want to prevent another Villains Act return. Thus, while his Noctrun friend Mayor-Don Blaxton Onyx would serve as second-in-command and mayor-don of the Blackoome System, his brother Commander Blacker Negrolloge, AKA Commander B, would end up running the oppressive lawgiving organization known as the Guys-in-Black. To this day, this problem remains as it is, and desperately needs help.


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