Thomas Tammy Long
Don Long-Finger
Vital statistics
Title Don Long-Finger
Gender Male
Race/Species Brown rat (Rattus norvegicus)
Faction Independent Crime Lord
Description Mutated, Abnormally-Long Left Finger, Blind in One Eye, Mean, Greedy, Obsessed With Gold
Skills and Abilities Natural Rat Abilities
Status Still at Large
Location Dragon Realms (Birthplace and Current Residence)
Alignment Evil

Thomas T. Long, AKA Don Long-Finger, is a gold-obsessed rat crime lord who is characterized by an unnaturally-long left finger with a horrendous claw on the tip. He was once a lab-rat experiment from Mega-Sci Corp and his finger gene was mutated by scientists under the orders of Dr. Marz to turn Long-Finger into the perfect butcher meant to be a military weapon used to quickly eliminate enemy leaders. However, thanks to Marz eventually being arrested for an unrelated experiment involving mutant locusts, Long-Finger was allowed to escape and intimidate rats to serve under him in a new mafia group who's infamy quickly gained him enough attention to be one of the top syndicates. Long-Finger is pursued by Xenon and Kate Jenkins as part of their aim to rid Mega-Sci Corp of their questionable past and de-mutate all of their victims. Long-Finger still proves to be a challenge to truly capture. He is rashy as the result of constant fights with his fellow rats, and he became half-blind as the result of a medical condition.


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