Mike Kenny Cubafish
Don Mike Cubafish
Vital statistics
Title Don Cubafish
Gender Male
Race/Species Red-bellied Piranha (Pygocentrus nattereri)
Faction Cubafish Mafia (Formerly)
Description Unsanitary, Old, Hosts 4 Anilocra capensis Parasites Who Became Unlikely Inmates
Skills and Abilities Natural Piranha Abilities
Status Imprisoned in Davy Jones Penitentiary
Location Madagascar World (Homeworld)
Alignment Mixed Morality/Initially Evil

Don Mike K. Cubafish is a red-bellied piranha, and former crime lord of DreamWorks Madagascar South America. He had his own school of piranha henchmen, and was the Don of the Cubafish Mafia, a Brazilian crime faction consisting entirely of piranhas, and enslaved river creatures. He has had problems with the United Universal Police Department, and one certain officer, Officer Juan, accidentally wounded one of the piranhas while trying to avoid getting eaten. As a result, the entire school began eating each other at the smell of the blood, and the only one who wasn't instinctively fooled was Mike, who was flopping out of the water trying to escape until Officer Axle caught him, and sent him to the Davy Jones Penitentiary. Don had stayed there for years, and now, he is old, unhealthy, unsanitary, and is the host of 4 Anilocra capensis isopod parasites named Dexter, Jade, Crawford, and Wexler that came from a bull shark swimming to Brazil and died, and the parasites hitched a ride on Mike before he was sent to prison. With these parasites, and all the health problems he developed, along with his old age, Mike had become impossible to do dealing with, and possibly won't be able to do anymore crime again. He is also hinted to be involved with the disappearance of Axle's biological parents.


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