Popon Vollo Purpureus
Vital statistics
Title Don Purplious
Gender Male
Race/Species Paedian
Faction The Heliotroupe, The Colour Constellation, Purpus System
Description TBA...
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Purgleville, Purpus Prime (Beta Universe, Tebble Sector, Purpus System) (Hometown)
  • Purple City, Purpu (Beta Universe, Tebble Sector, Purpus System) (Current Residence)
Alignment Crime Lord Antihero

Don Popon V. Purpureus, AKA Don Purplious, is an Alternate UUniversal Paedian from Planet Purpus Prime. He is a xeno-amphibian being who is one of the many crime bosses of the Colour Constellation, and had a criminal family who was busted by the system's Haelic leader, President Purpus, and his multiple Vellan wives, and swearing to kill him upon forming the Heliotroupe. However, everything changed when the Villains Act attacked the constellation, and they killed Purpus before he could. Out of anger that they took away his target, he chased away the VA, but because the society was too damaged by the VA's attacks, he and the Heliotroupe had to rule in place of a legitimate government, and after brainwashing them and making them his wives and servants, he not only went high as the system's new ruler, but he decided to let the society repair itself until it's safe to restore peace and order once again. However, this ended up getting attention from people who wish to bring law and order to the constellation systems once again on the precautions that they want to prevent another Villains Act return. Thus, while the world's Aectoid vice-president named Mayor-Don Raquellean Poallis Physdrome would serve as second-in-command and enslaved mayor-don of the Purpus System, a Gindun named Captain Grantham-Pros Graham Miller, would end up running the oppressive lawgiving organization known as the Purple Pros. To this day, this problem remains as it is, and desperately needs help.


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