Slimeloid Slombus
Don Slime
Vital statistics
Title Don Slime, Private Slombus
Gender Male
Race/Species Slug Slimeballian
Faction Slugbutt Mafia Leader (Formerly)
Description Mutated, Small Amount of Grox Chemical Intoxication After Subjection to Groxygen, Must Take Grox Respiration Through A Toxic Cigar, Mean, Vengeful, Aggressive, Cruel, Naturally Slow and Weak to Salt
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Little To None Beyond
Status Imprisoned
Location Slimeball (Homeworld)
Alignment Mentally Unwell

Slimeloid Slombus, AKA Don Slime, is a mutated alien slug crimelord from Slimeball who is the head of the Slugbutt Mafia and ally of the Mafia Alliance and follower of the Alliance's great and mysterious leader. Slime was once a friend of Senator Tricorn in the Dragon Realms military and fought along side her in the Dragon Realms Great Grox War. However, he was eventually abducted by the Grox along with Cyclona and Ayres during a mission quickly turning sour. Not only did he have a hard time breathing since he was rejecting the Grox' T0 atmospherics, but he was horrendously mutated by an infamous Grox mutagen known as 'groxygen', turning him into a swollen mutated monstrosity and made his survival much more difficult. The Grox had hoped to use this actually-illegal experimentation to create a stronger genetic weapon to fight their enemies in the atmospheres that were poisonous to them. Tricorn was able to rescue her friends, though she thought Slime didn't make it because of his horrid condition. Thinking there was no hope for him, Tricorn left with Cyclona and Ayres as the Grox Ship was destroyed. Yet Slime miraculously survived. However, he was unable to eat since the groxygen left any food poisonous to him. His only safe sustenance was a groxygen cigar that the Grox' other genetic soldiers required for sustenance as well. This cigar, though it's smoke was acrid and nauseating, was the only thing keeping Slime alive. He grew to hate Tricorn for an honest mistake and swore to ruin her life, and even end it if it has to come to it, and thanks to the Mafia Alliance and their questionable connections to stolen Grox technology, he would get just that, especially with help of an infamous criminal group known as The Dark Trinity.


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