Java Travis Makarov
Vital statistics
Title Doombug
Gender Male
Race/Species Glooming Macroid (Macroidytes gloomus)
Faction Opassap's Senate (Formerly), Doombug Empire (Formerly), Villains Act (Until Disbanding)
Description Bitter, Vengeful, Heart-Brokenly Enraged, Nepolian Complex.
Skills and Abilities Natural Bug Abilities, Strategist, Can Climb Walls, Has Heightened Senses, Excellent Marksmanship, Cunning, Good Mechanic And Engineer
Status Imprisoned
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Pharinxx, Ovor (Zeta Universe, Brugus Sector, Opassap System) (Hometown)
  • Oranos (Current Residence)
Alignment Evil

Java T. Makarov, AKA Doombug, is an Alternate UUniversal Macroid from Planet Ovor. He was once a Senator of the Opassap System Council until he was fired for trying to overthrow the system's ruler, and steal it. In order to exact revenge, Doombug joined the Villains Act, and rounded up an evil insect army to build his own empire. He built it on Planet Sioephus, the homeworld of Byron Buster. He gained diplomatic immunity, and took over the entire planet. His army created multiple war machines, including the ultimate one: The Macrostinger, to get ready for an invasion on the Opassap System. However, he was defeated by Byron before the invasion could begin. Doombug was immediately arrested, and taken to Planet Oranos. He has yet to return.


Java was born as the son of a Senator of the Opassap System's Council, and grew up enjoying video games and action-related shows. Despite being hyperactive as a pupa, he grew up to be a great politician who was loyal to his own government for 8 years. He neglected to have his own family to focus on his work, especially with his one and only crush who he decided to stay friends with. But as time went by, they just couldn't keep their friendship, and became a couple again. But unfortunately, she was diagnosed with an insect-condition sickness where she lived shorter than other members of her kind called Entymax's Disease, where some live only 30-35 years until they die, whereas other Macroids live for 50-70 years. Java discovered that there was a cure for this condition, but the person selling it was an outlaw who smuggled the cure. But before he could pay for it, the authorities caught him, took the cure away, and brought it back to scientists across the border. Java was then suspended after protesting to the Council that that cure could've saved his girlfriend's life. With her dying the following week, Java had blamed the Council for the loss of his girlfriend, and decided that he should rule the community entirely to make sure things went his way from then on.

When the next election for the President of the Opassap System Government came in when Java became 40, he decided that it was finally time for his revenge to commence. He attempted to sabotage the election by making both of the candidates look horrible so he can step in and claim the Presidency. The first one he made look bad through him exposing his illegal immigrant-heritage. Then he made the other candidate look like he had horrible table-manners, which he actually did as a child. The two candidates were not only banned from the election, but also fired from their current jobs as Senators. But just when Java was about to claim the Presidency, he was discovered accidentally to have been responsible for the banning of the candidates when he left the evidence in his pocket for the rest of the Council to find. As a result, he was fired from the Senate, and everyone hated him for doing it because of a dead girlfriend.

In great shame, Java left his home planet, and decided to never return. He wanted to make his own government where no one could stop him, and he went to Peerbon to talk to Darkness Qui about building his own empire. Through a long rigorous test, he is made the supreme chieftain of a race of highly-intelligent Teadr-7 insectoid creatures called Spargans, all from a long-forgotten planet called Spargos who were victims of the USRA that ruined them for their crimes long ago. With these creatures by his side, Java is given the name 'Doombug' by his Spargan armies. But Qui warns him that since he is the leader of this race, they are his responsibility, so if he can't support them, then they can no longer serve him. So he agrees and chooses the first place to begin his evil empire: Sioephus. He arrives on the planet, and he is able to take control of a city called Asparanna, and because of them being insects, they cover the entire place with giant hills and a massive one that serves as the hive. In fact, they take over at the exact moment when Byron Buster and his friends from the Sioephus Rebellion were visiting while inspecting a free trade of resources going to Nimboo. After having been told about Byron's victory over Master Ganali, Doombug captures them all, and sends them to separate dungeons.

Meanwhile, Doombug is left with the duties of feeding the Spargans food, specifically to their diet, and he also gets the chance to introduce them to modern-day technology since they were in little knowledge of it. He even teaches them English, but they can still barely speak. He intends on conquering other cities out there on Sioephus, and he winds up accidentally stumbling upon the blueprints for the war machine that Ganali had used to nearly take over Sioephus. He decides to start building his own version. And it might probably work since the Spargans were good at constructing machines through metal, though limits are common. But once he realizes that Byron and some of his friends have escaped, he sends the Spargans to go after them after teaching them how to ride vehicles, including the flying ones. But as time goes by, he is constantly being defeated by Byron's friends. They even use the conditions of his leadership of the Spargans to their advantage by destroying his supply depots. But nevertheless, he is able to make minor fighting machines to hold them off, but even they couldn't stop them. But fortunately for him, he is able to get his war machine finished, naming it the Macrostinger. This weapon seems to be much stronger than Ganali's war machine. But what's worse is that he intends to make duplicates of it. But despite that, Byron's group is able to stop the mass-production, and confront Doombug on his Macrostinger. They are able to destroy it, and they turn him in to the Feds, who send him to Planet Oranos, and because he has lost all rations of resources for the Spargans, they refuse to help him. The Spargans are able to be reformed with the guidance of Byron, and they are able to adapt and live better lives once they return to their home planet. To this day, Doombug still remains in Oranos.

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