The Young Six are intrigued to see that the Map has called them on a friendship mission 'down under', to the Australian-like land of Quinka, or often simplifived as "The Down Under Lands". Thus with hardly any experience, the Lodgers, who don't have much left to do back in the Dragon Realms, decide to help. Though they cannot enlist help from the land's leader Elder Eucalyptus, the leader of his race, the Quinkans, because he left with his head of rangers Dream Forge trying to find the cause of the siphoning of their magic from their main ether source, the Dreaming, that left him, his people, and his trademark Dreamingstone powerless. Luckily they meet his children, a beautiful singing Quinkan named Lady Songline who can use magic with her singing, an ability lost as of now, and Sir Sandstone, her older brother. They learn about the Dreaming from the magical elder guardian of the Dreamingstone Opalescence, as the Dreaming is harnessed through magic opal necklaces that worn on necklaces allowing them to 'actively dream' even when awake, essentially using magic by harnessing their own subconscious. But the only one able to still use magic is a charming orphaned plains-dwelling semi-feral Quinkan named Lucid Walk, who is actually hard to tame and rehabilitate even to his own kind after being raised by dingoes, becoming a Totemic as a result, which is a rare occasion to occur with Quinkans where they don't need an opal necklace to tap into the Dreaming. By finding him, the heroes might find who's causing the fritz in the Dreaming. But the Young Six end up getting sold out to a desperate impoverish and dept riddled Quinkan con artist named Two-Up to an evil griffin land baron named Solidago and his wormy but morally conflicted Abyssinian cassowary assistant Kicko, who were apparently paid by another more power-hungry Quinkan, Elder Sundew, to find Lucid and use him to find a secret that can allow him to harness all the Dreaming and rule Quinka. But doing so would be a mistake as it'll end up freeing the Yowie Yahoo, of which in Equestria is a powerful croc-headed kangaroo-bodied with hands of Syndy Funnel Web spider leg-fingers and the tail of a tiger snake dream-vampire that eats dreams and Dreaming magic and replaces them with nightmares and black magic, which would take away the purity, health, and good dreams forever from Quinka and eventually Equestria if the Yowie was freed, thus Sundew was being a stupid fool wanting power so he can undermine Eucalyptus to show he was the true leader, but now regrets inadvertingly freeing a devouror of dreams and dooming all of Equestria's dreams because of selfish desires. Thus with help from Sundew's daughter Waratah, they must track down Lucid and save the day.


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