Trayne Ugor Aragon
Dr. Aragon
Vital statistics
Title Doctor Aragon
Gender Male
Race/Species Fire Coroid (Coroidosaurus pyricus)
Faction Coracoon FBI (Formerly), Villains Act (Until Disbanding)
Description Rough, Greedy, Power-Hungry, Easily Aggravated, Prone To Anger
Skills and Abilities Natural Species Abilities, Scientific Genius, Super Weapons
Status Imprisoned
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Coracoon (Gamma Universe, Gamma Core Sector, Oopsimo System) (Homeworld)
  • Oranos (Current Residence)
Alignment Evil

Dr. Trayne U. Aragon is an Alternate UUniversal Coriod from Planet Coracoon. He was an undercover Villains Act scientist who worked for the Coracoon FBI, while secretly creating supersoldiers for the Villains Act. However, when creating the Aragon Caestus, and attaching them to Aurlena Fists as a new super-soldier, he was effortlessly foiled, and sent to Oranos. It's uncertain if he'll come back or if he's reformed from his ways or not.


Trayne was born on Planet Coracoon with a rich family who managed to earn their riches with a stroke of luck. Trayne grew up to become an inventor. His career and research lead him to create many useful inventions that would lead him to become a scientist for the Coracoon FBI.

Trayne was a successful inventor, and the FBI was grateful for his success. Unfortunately, he wasn't making enough money to satisfy himself. His parents were too cheap to give up some of their money, and he never got overtime. He didn't like the outcome of his wage, and things soon took a turn for the worse when his boss promised him a $1,000 bonus for helping him reverse engineer a special hovership. When he succeeded, his boss only gave him $500. The reason was that he was as cheap as Trayne's parents. Angered, Trayne got payback by using his boss's cheapness to get him fired. Nobody knew it was for revenge.

A year later, a new boss was found, one who offered better wage. Trayne was now accustomed to his job, and got an assistant scientist who helped him with his work. But soon, his responsibility for his boss' unemployment was discovered, and though that his superiors' agreed that the former boss was a greedy fuck, they felt that he was dealt with rather dishonorably, even dispite Aragon's arguements that he didn't deserved to be treated like a person after how dispicable he was, thus, he was suspended for 2 weeks. Outraged, Dr. Aragon secretly joined the Villains Act, and would've helped them get provided with supersoldiers but as soon as the Coracoon FBI is taken down. 7 years later, his assistant retired during old age, and soon got a chance to meet his daughter, Aurlena. She soon volunteered to be a test subject for one of his experiments. She was fit with these advanced robotic gauntlets Aragon named the Aragon Caestus. She became super-strong, and very athletic. Her new abilities were a success, and she was made a 2nd class senior agent.

But then, 10 days after her test, she was captured by Dr. Aragon's henchmen, and taken to his lab, where she was restrained by ultra-strong adamantium shackles, leaving her unable to break free even with her superior strength. Dr. Aragon was planning to brainwash her into a loyal member of the Villains Act within 3 hours and become the first supersoldier taken to the VA in return for them to take the FBI down as payment. They placed her in a prison cell where she was placed in adamantium shackles so she could not escape.

But by the 3rd hour, she managed to escape by using her tail to pick the shackle locks. She was freed, and she punched her way out of the prison cell, but in the process, she triggered the alarm. Dr. Aragon's henchmen were hidden to cover up his involvement in the Villains Act, and Dr. Aragon tricked the FBI agents into arresting Aurlena by framing her for trying to brainwash him in his lab. Aurlena claims that Dr. Aragon was trying to brainwash her so she could be turned into a cronie for the Villains Act, but the FBI didn't believe her after seeing what Dr. Aragon had set up to frame her.

Aurlena was almost boned until Dr. Aragon's dead henchmen (Who Aurlena beat up to get to Dr. Aragon, and Dr. Aragon hid in order to keep his cover safe) were exposed by one of the FBI agents accidentally, and Dr. Aragon was immediately arrested, and taken to Oranos. Because of this, the planned VA attack onto the base was canned, leaving them without supersoldiers and ultamately empty-handed, and Aragon to look like a freaking doof. He has yet to return.

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