Armalite Lastiv Infernus
Dr. Armalite Infernus
Vital statistics
Title Doctor Infernus, Exo-Wars Mastermind
Gender Male
Race/Species Original Human
Faction Globex Industries (Formerly), Independent War Mastermind
Description Cybernetic Eyes, Legs, Arms, And Torso Parts, Bitter, Vengeful, Aggressive, Violent, Murderous, Power-Hungry, Insane, Self-Centered
Skills and Abilities Natural Human Abilities, Cybernetics Grant Enhanced Abilities, Master Genius, Intelligence, War Machines, Strategic
Status Long Deceased
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Rugus, Rugulach (Alpha Universe, Alpha Core Sector, Froxola System) (Hometown)
Alignment Embittered Evil

Dr. Armalite L. Infernus was an Alternate UUniversal Original human from Planet Rugulach. He was a cybernetic mad scientist who was constantly rejected for his work, and after his work was utilized by Globex Industries, he was a victim of a corporate corruption and the USRA's failure to have it sorted out properly, provoking the already-troubled human into futher complete monster territory by causing the Exo-Wars. After he was defeated by his own supersoldier Cybartans after his anger lead him to growing evil, he was locked up on Oranos, and there he spent the rest of his life until he died at age 97. But what the USRA didn't know was that Armalite's body, which was left in the snowy climates of Oranos, was taken by his remaining robotic creations, the Inferno Cyberpunks, and was placed into cryo-sleep until the Villains Act's downfall, whereas he was transformed into a RoboCop/Dr. Nefarious cyborg named Inferno Max, a superweapon that managed to hack all of the Cyberpunks into having his new evil beliefs, and is soon to strike. He is descended from the main founder of Globex, Dr. Karana Globrunx, from a different side of the Globrunx family due to the obvious last-name differences.


Armalite was born on Rugulach, a lava planet in the Yatoran home system with mobile cities. As he grew up, he was a nasty trouble-making child who always broke the rules, even going against his punishments and never getting caught. But this lead to his life being changed forever on his upcoming 16th birthday, when his actions have forced his parents to consider sending him to military school. After a huge argument, Armalite is angered, and runs away 2 hours after a volcanic activity warning. A lava storm erupted, and Armalite was unable to elude it, and part of his body was incinerated. He was quickly revived with prosthetics, and his parents felt guilty for it. But even though he was saved, he never forgot their threats on him, and became increasingly distant on them, never talking to them again. On his 18th birthday, he packed up his belongings, and ran away, skipping his party in the process, and never saw his family again.

With his broken-hearted parents dying shortly afterward, Armalite joined a science academy on Planet Xorizome and was aiming to get a job with Globex Industries to fit in with his legacy with Dr. Globrunx. He won several awards for cybernetic projects, and they were so advanced, he knew Globex would hire him. But instead, thanks to a corrupt Globex CEO named Jackary A. Holey, Globex rejected his work, leaving Armalite to join another low-budget science company. But months later, he was angered when he heard that Globex had announced new cybernetic technology based on his work thanks to Jackary, figuring he could take credit for his work, and make millions. Armalite immediately filed a complaint and accused Globex of stealing his work. But he was immediately escorted out by Jackary, and he accused Armalite of questioning the authority of the USRA, and as a result, Armalite was also fired from his current job.

Thirsting for revenge, Armalite swore to make Globex pay for stealing his inventions, and made a whole army of war machines within 5 years, establishing a syndicate called 'Inferno'. In no time at all, he attacked several Globex facilities around the AUU, gaining access to their communications, and announcing that he has come back for payback, starting with the death of Jackary. His army killed him, and took his body away by orders of Armalite, claiming he has plans for him. He then warns them that he will declare war on the USRA with this robot army unless Globex announces to the AUU that Armalite Infernus is responsible for the Cybernetic Technology of 5 years ago, and publicly apologizes for 'stealing' his inventions. Even though they are able to apologize, Armalite hears that Jackary has secretly made a league of corrupt CEOs who have also stolen technology, and one of them, his son Jathon A. Holey, comes up and accuses Armalite for not only murdering his father, but causing damage to government property. Sadly, this gains police attention, and Armalite is wanted. In response, Armalite became convinced that Globex itself is a corrupt company, and promptly destroys a third of Globex's facilities, starting the Exo-Wars.

This lasted for years to come, and the longer it waged, the more stronger Armalite's forces became. He created cyborg super-weapons, he created giant war machines, he created super-intelligent robots and drones, and he even created strong powered exo-skeletons and robotic walker vehicles driven entirely by robots. But the creations that became his downfall was a team of supersoldier cyborgs called the Cybartans, meant for the purpose of murdering the corrupt CEOs of Globex Industries, mainly Jathon, and allowing him to take over Globex, and use it to correct all the wrongdoings the corrupt CEOs have caused. But his growing anger made him change plans, intending to convert the company into a terrorist organization. He begins committing horrible crimes that he swore to never do, and the Cybartans are forced to betray him after seeing his corruption, and destroy Inferno by turning Armalite into the USRA. Armalite, now fully evil, swore revenge on the Cybartans, and was locked up on Planet Oranos, which opened 2 years earlier. But he never had the chance to get that revenge since the security was over-the-top, and very against the odds, even with his incrediable genius. He died of old age, and was dumped into the cold snowy climates of Oranos. Since then, the USRA had decreed a petition called 'The Infernus Rule' that would immediately fire any corrupt CEOs that worked for Jackary and Jathon, who was the first one to be fired and locked up, and forbid anymore casualties like that in the future. All stolen technology was acknowledged to their rightful owners, and sadly, they discovered that most of their technological advancements were stolen, causing Globex to almost go into bankruptcy. It wouldn't be until the Interuniversal War that Globex would return to it's technological glory. But this, after a twist of events, eventually caused the birth of Corruption Co. when the corrupt CEO named CEO Backer Stabington was routinely harassed by his superiors for favoring money too much, and lost it when he was being threaten of being fired and replaced. Regardless, the rule still stands and functions today.

But Inferno wasn't entirely destroyed. A quantity of his robotic and cyborg creations still remained, forming a criminal syndicate called the Inferno Cyberpunks, which snuck on Oranos, and retrieved Armalite's body, taking it to his old hideout on his homeworld of Rugulach. He was put in cryostasis until the Cyberpunks could find a way to bring him back. This never happened for several centuries until the Fall of the Villains Act, where they discovered the technology to turn Armalite's body into a cybernetic super-weapon. They rebuilt him into a half-man, half-machine named Inferno Max, which was meant to lead the Cyberpunks, and promised that they would get their revenge. But secretly, he was able to hack into every Cyberpunk's personality, and change their beliefs into his new evil beliefs of a new terrorist organization... It was perfect expcept for the fact he forgot to do it on the Cybartons thinking they were so loyal to him that he didn't need to do so... Biggest Mistake of the Century much?

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