Theodore Sax Wilson
Dr. Circuitrax
Vital statistics
Title Theodore Sax Circuitrax, Head of Apollo Futuristics
Gender Male
Race/Species Banded sea krait (Laticauda colubrina)
Faction Baron Tritiumlung
Description Artificial Superior, Often Insane, Smart, Life-Support Suit
Skills and Abilities Natural Snake Abilities, Scientific Intelligence, Super-Longevity, Super-Mentality, Super-Agility, X-Ray Vision, Reactive Adaptation, Waterbreathing
Status Alive
Location (Unknown Homeworld)
  • Hydroprometheon Reef, Lagoola (Current Residence)
Alignment Evil

Dr. Theodore S. Wilson, legally changed to Theodore S. Circuitrax, is a mad banded sea snake who was once a celebrated healer and genius that was diagnosed with brain cancer. Fearing he would die and leave behind his family and friends so soon, he created a suit that pumps his body with chemicals to regulate his brain cancer, but it slowly turned him insane. Not to mention even his family and friends didn't recognize him and were frightened by his new look. His insanity kicked in, and he tried so desperately to find a cure for his brain cancer. With constant failure, and with his growing insanity, he stole an experimental laser device and intended to use it to turn all people into robots, that way they will be immune to any mortal sicknesses. But he was arrested for the crime by his two children, and was bound for Prison 42. Then, he was abducted by flying-fish-like space cruisers from Lagoola, and taken straight there. He met Baron Tritiumlung, who offered a deal to make him a deal that he would be given superpowers, a longer lifespan, a higher intelligence, and a better life in return for freedom of his choice of science, immortality and an intermediate treatment of his brain cancer. He accepted, and became a Superior, and the head of Apollo Futuristics, a company researching different sciences, including mind-warping starfish-like mutants called 'Determiners'. Because making an outsider a Superior is illegal (illegal superpowered other-worldly beings are dubbed as 'Illicit Superiors'), the Baron legally changed his last name into 'Circuitrax' to avoid confusion, and wiped away all info on his origins. The Baron was sure that Theodore's genius intellect and medicines would be enough to help him being peace in his attempt to rule the UUniverses. Illicit Superiors can "tecnecally" count as superiors, except they can however, be reckindised as illegal and are easily refered to morely as super-powered mutants then true superiors. Cause of it, it doesn't actselly quilify him to have a "Superior" tag since he wasn't a Superior by birth. His illicit powers include super-longevity, super-mentality, super-agility, X-ray vision, reactive adaptation, and waterbreathing.

  • MCode: RaSaSlSmWbXrv


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