Mario Toni Lazonia
Dr. Creepy Crawls.png
Vital statistics
Title Doctor Creepy Crawls
Gender Male
Race/Species Egyptian Vulture (Neophron percnopterus)
Faction Independent Evil
Description Mean, Visionary, Conspirator, Deadly, Insane
Skills and Abilities Natural Vulture Abilities, Darkspawn Magic
Status Still at Large
Location Unknown Homeworld
Alignment Misunderstood Evil

Mario T. Lazonia, AKA Doctor Creepy Crawls, is an italian old-world immortalised plauge doctor vulture from medevil times when the black plauge was rampent. He and his brother, Luigi Lazonia are a partnered duo of surprisingly revolusionary, and compident, and actselly pretty capable, Plauge Doctors that, are near miricle workers cause, in mysterious reasons, managed to actselly provided cures for the black plauge victims. Their secret? The misguided use of Darkspawn magic found from an adandoned wish granting statue relic of Wishingore, the Darkspawn of Wishings, who was imfamous of never being without a horrorable price. The brothers worked hard to ensure their secret never gets reveiled, not even from fellow plauge doctors in fear of being punished by the High Council, causing using Darkspawn items is taboo in an unbelieveable way. The Lazonia bros. were the secret heroes and the unknown reason why the plague slowly died out, behind all of europe finally building sewers and practicing cleaner habits. The Lazonia bros hoped to continue their fight against sickness, and not just the plauge, but all sicknesses known and soon to be known. But they were fearful of their own mortality ruining that. So, they had the Wishingore statue grant them immortality. But, while the first wish had no effects, it was to lure them to make a second wish, and it was worth the wait, cause when they wished for immortality, they were hidiously changed. Mario became a shadowy, spector-like ghost of his former self, granting him super-power-like abilities as a side-effect. The Lazonias became monsters, and escaped before they were found, and hid into obscurity. But they still had asperations to end sickness, even when their own wish began to make them corrupt and turn them into dark shells of their former lives. He donned the name "Dr. Creepy Crawls" to hide his true Identity to avoid High Council Prosecution.


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  • "Please (Echos)..... We only wish to help (Echos)."
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