Doctor Crozzy Clark Eyez
Dr. Crozz Eyez
Vital statistics
Title Dr. Eyez
Gender Male
Race/Species Malagasy giant chameleon (Furcifer oustaleti)
Faction Mega-Sci Corp
Description Dinosaur Enthusiast, Paleontologist, Master Biogeneticist, Obsessed With Genetics And Mutations, Often Crazy
Skills and Abilities Natural Chameleon Abilities, Ability To Change Color, Scientific and Genetic Intelligence
Status Still at Large
Location Dragon Realms (Homeworld)

Odyssey (Current Residence)

Alignment Misunderstood Evil

Dr. Crozz C. Eyez, is a chameleon and a misunderstood but as of now rouge sciencetist of Mega-Sci Corp because he has a project approved by Dr. Marz, but thanks to Marz' now newfound infamy as a villain, he's afriad the new higher-ups, Kate and Xenon would not understand his discovery based on their bias and negitive assusiated encounter with Marz. Crozz Eyez is a dino enfusiest and a palentoligest, often visiting one of the few dino worlds left, his most faverite is the Great Valley because of their far more friendly demeanor and qoute, "Rather interesting naming culture". However, he and his wife, Geckeena Gecko, have discovered a strange goo the locals refered to as "Magic Goo", which they said anything that touches the stuff gets unexplainingly more, "atlectic" then what their bodies would normally allow. Crozz considered this to be the greatest discovery he had and believes he can use this good to better the lifes of people. However, he made the mistake of showing this to Marz, who has a rather "different" idea on "helping" people. He would only approve the project if he project can be used for millaterry benifit. Crozz Eyez ordenarlity doesn't believe in empowering millaterry forces, but it was a very take it or leave it condition, refusing would risk the death of his discovery, so he accepted the terms as long as Marz doesn't just exlude it to just millaterry, with Marz simply repling "We'll see", implying the promise is based on how well the project is successful. And thanks to a gift pet Cheetah named "Spoed", a female unsentent cheetah from his troubled controverseal well meaning friend Lord Rareington, Spoed was the first to be given the goo, and it was a roaring success as Spoed became capable to do feets normally impossable to quadtraped creatures, including airial flips. Marz was impressed far more then he would be at his own projects, and gives him the approveal to get more creatures from Rareington, which are dogs, mainly Greyhounds, Dalmations, the occational mixed breed like Louisianna, horses, which included the pastoonian rodeo horse Black Mare, deers, even Giraffes, all unsentient. He's natrolly concerned that the goo has the side-effect of making the creatures extremely aggresive to strangers or those considered a threat to their owners. He tries to correct this, afraid the goo as it is would be too dangerious for even millaterry use considering the aggresion, not known what the effect on sentients would be. However, thanks to the controversey of Marz and his assusiation with Rareington, there had been those that tried to exposed his exspeariment. Afraid of being labeled as a animal abuser because of Marz' "Science wants results, no excuses" philosify which he uses to justify his questionable efnics, and being hurt reputationaly by Rareington's misguided animal "helping", Crozz Eyez was able to convince Marz while he was still in power to move the project to a rarely visited planet to protect it from "those who would fail to understand" and for the project to be kept secret for any possable "new bosses", espeically those that "might not understand", so the project would continue even after Marz's downfall. However, those new bosses are Kate and Xenon, and they do well enough to uncover even the strongestly kept secrets of Mega-Sci Corps' questionable past and bring them to an end, so it's only a matter of time. Like Rareington and extremely unlike Marz, Crozz Eyez is by no means evil, just HORRENDUSLY misguided and paraniodingly fearful of being judged cause of negitive assiation, and has took advantage of his creations aggresion as use for security so he can find a way to make the goo capable to add the athleticisum without the attatude to boot. He even included native Raptors of the isloated planet because they are intelligent, adaptable, and it was so they are prevented as a problem from trying to hunt down his animals which were luckly too skilled to be taken down easily, espeically when Louisianna and Black Mare ended up escaping through the teleporters which are the only way to get in and out of the vincinity which ended up having been set to the worlds they went to, Louisianna ending up in the procession of Cletus Jeremiah Cephalopod and Clem Abraham Mor-Onopus mistaking her for a "circus dog", and the Black Mare eventally captured and discovered in Pastoon, being mistaken as a wild horse with "a unitge gift". Their escape sevred to exselerate his fear and paranoia to the point his own wife becomes concerned for him and is secretly and slowly having second thoughts about keeping the project alive.


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  • "My discovery can change the world!?.... Once I work out the kinks that is."
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