Doctor Techy Eureka
Dr. Eureka
Vital statistics
Title Dr. Eureka, Former Head of Eureka Corps
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Earth Pony
Faction Eureka Corps (Formerly)
Description Thief of Others' Technology, Greedy Visionary, Violent, Protective Of Image, Conspirator, Good Liar And Hider, Fraudulent, Now A Regretful Cowardly Mess
Skills and Abilities Natural Earth Pony Strength, Scientific Intelligence
Status Contained
Location Equestria (Homeworld)
  • Black Staillain Asylum (Current Residence)
Alignment Reformed And Regretful

Doctor Techy Eureka is a son and succeeded heir to the powerful multy porpose corperation Eureka Corp, which is also the main shorce of tecknowagey for Equestia, a near-famed tecnological celeberty who's inventer CEO of the company, billionaire, Playpony, entrapawnor and extravainist and the most acclaimed "Genius" of all time. The only issue with this guy? He's in the spot that should've belonged to Ponyville resident Dr. Whooves, a fellow student from a science collage. Why so? It's because when Eureka was far younger, he was raised by his father Eureka Senior to believed that in the world of inventors and geniuses, only the most ingenious must be the most dominent. That meant having a dominating presence among your peers and putting challnagers in their place, even if their crediability has to be ruined to do so. Cause of taking too much heed to his father's beliefs, he did exactly that. For every little future genius he meets, he ruins their crediability by stealing their ideas and making them as his own, and was sure to make sure the victimed genius is not able to prove their innosence otherwise. This lead to him to undeservingly earned prhase that would've rightfully gone to his broken hearted rivals, who are left to persue careers against their true dreams. It helped little that due to his father's encouragement to be so for the sake of deminstraighting superiority, he's also a jerk to those he wronged the most, and is befriended and protected by his troll friends who are childfriend friends who also ended up encouraging his bad behavior. The closest he has to a sympathiser is La-Te, a unicorn sectratary who works for Eureka corp. She is however very dishearten by how unshamed of it all he is cause he is only doing what his father wanted and was never given a proper understanding of right and wrong. La-Te tries hard to introduse it, but currently is hugely unsuccessful. Out of all the wronged genius, Dr. Whooves is his personal faverite cause, outside of not quiting and therefore he considered him a worthy challnage, but also is an exsellient goldmine of inventions cause of Whooves legit genius, but obviously because of Eureka's doings in collage, Whooves has a more limited budget and is pretty much comdemned to his inventions being jokes and flawwed products, of which Eureka happly takes and improves apawn them and uses them as his own ideas and takes all the credit, while scapegoating Whooves as a copycat as both measures to keep his dominence stable, and out of being an asshole. But in so, it puts a further strain to La-Te's attempts to bring some good into Eureka, and one day, she'll begin to truely be forceful to this rotten egghead and for good. Awful and disrespectful to rivals and challnagers as he is, he does have limits and would honor the name of anyone of them who died, if mainly out of being a "respectable gentlemen" and because even he's not THAT indecent.


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  • "Allow me to introduse myself. I, am Dr. EUREKA?!"
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