Fruit Salad
Dr. Fruit Salad
Vital statistics
Title Dr. Fruit Salad
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Unicorn
Faction Genesis
Description Misunderstood, Controversial Yet Well-Meaning, Protective of Daughter
Skills and Abilities Natural Unicorn Magic
Status Alive
Location Equestria
  • Baltimate (Hometown)
  • Hayfield 64 (Current Working Residence)
Alignment Reformed

Dr. Fruit Salad is a unicorn stallion from Equestria who owns a science company in Baltimare called 'Genesis', meant to create medicine derived from animal biology to bring better survival for pony kind. He's been at it for a while since his daughter, Celery Salad, has been said to have been getting brain cancer, and has been keeping its effects frozen with his magic for 5 years until it would eventually wear off. He's been trying to get a cure before that would happen. Cause of it, his fear of losing his daughter lead to him having to risk gaining a controverseal repuation with most of Equestia, cause he is testing on animals, and some of these tests are deem un-moral and not very faverable, espiecally not by the Princesses who threaten to one day cut his funding if nature ever desided to seek dark vengence, and when Dr. Fruit desides to use bat DNA... well, you do the math.


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