Gen Vosha Qill
Dr. Gen Qill
Vital statistics
Title Doctor Qill, Doctor Gen Qill, The Rainbow Peacock of Gongmen (OUU Name)
Gender Male
Race/Species Blue Ranacock (Chromotallaves ajuii)
Faction Globex Industries (Formerly), Corruption Co. (Currently), Villains Act (Before Disbanding)
Description Bitter, Mean, Grudge-Holding, Greedy, Smart and Tactical
Skills and Abilities Natural Peacock-Like Abilities, Gliding Ability, Scientific Genius
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Jewong, Zo (Beta Universe, Beta Core Sector, Pokeera System)
  • (Current Location Unknown...)
Alignment Evil

Dr. Gen Vosha Qill is an Alternate UUniversal Ranacock from Planet Zo. As a result of an accident that left him fired from Globex cause of an obviously rotten Vice-President that wanted to steal his inventions for himself and get all the credit, he got fed up because his superiors couldn't forgive him because of a simple accident, and became a member of the Villains Act, becoming one of their greatest scientists that supplied Corruption Co. mainly with several neurological sciences such as mind-control, corruption technologies, artificial telepathy, and several others. He was eventally able to get revenge on the Vice-President by using a malmitulation chip that made the vice-president admit that it was the VP's fault that the accsident happened and not Gen's, promptly getting him fired, then to make sure he can never be able to restore himself, malmitulated the Vice President to commit sueiside by flying a spaceship into the sun! He is a descendant of the inventor of the illegal neuro-shock device, which was the Villains Act's main source of corruption, and was also one of the many scientists that created the outlawed mind-control implants that the Villains Act only used responsibly. He was eventually locked up on Oranos by the Heroes Act. However, he might somehow escape, and if he were to be in the original universe in Gongmen, he might get mistaken for a beloved "Messiah" called "The Rainbow Peacock" in due to his tail feathers.


Dr. Gen Quill as The Rainbow Peacock

Gen as 'The Rainbow Peacock'

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