Elias Pillarston Glowrod
Dr. Glowrod
Vital statistics
Title Doctor Glowrod
Gender Male
Race/Species Dull Lumreed (Chirishus luxor dullus)
Faction Villains Act (Until Disbanding), The Dark Radicals (Future)
Description Contaminated Into Insanity, Right Holo-Prosthetic Arm, Genius, Nuts, Constant Sedative Requirement (Until Semi-Cured)
Skills and Abilities Natural Mole-Like Abilities, Scientific Genius, Biological and Chemical Weapons, Formerly Large Numerous Bases On Xenaros
Status Imprisoned (For Now)
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Pharagu (Delta Universe, Delta Core Sector, Jarrango System) (Homeworld)
  • Xenaros (Eta Universe, Eta Core Sector, Gorvina System) (Former Hideout Residence)
  • Oranos (Imprisonment Residence)
Alignment Insanely Evil For The Most Part

Dr. Elias P. Glowrod is an Alternate UUniversal Lumreed from the Planet Pharagu, and a former science partner of Sue Wai (before she was corrupted cause of him and Mind Warper) and is a genius in technological and chemical sciences. Growing up on a garbage-disposal planet like Pharagu and being exposed to the toxins of a failed and deranged experiment, Glowrod was made into a mad scientist who betrayed Sue Wai and had her corrupted so her research in reversing villainy would be obscured. Glowrod has since been an expert in chemical and biological weaponry for the Villains Act. Though following the Villains Act's destruction, Glowrod began hiding on a poisonous and monster-infested planet called Xenaros, where he was easily protected and still resides here until he gets an ultimate chance. He briefly made an appearance in Narcotic's origin flashback on Cyberjurassic Park.


Glowrod was born as the son of ruined residents on the planet Pharagu, which was made a trash disposal planet because an irresponsible and desperate USRA governor was looking for a quick solution to deal with a rising trash problem, and chose Pharagu, nicknamed 'Stomach World' because of it's acid lakes, much to the dismay of it's previously unknown inhabitants, who explained that just because the surface wasn't fit for civilization, doesn't mean the underground is as well, which has underground water deposits and food under the supposedly-inhospitable planet. The Pharaguians grew resentment towards the USRA for this, and the constant piling garbage and pollution let the planet become what it was believed to be: An inhospitable mess.

While the governor was punished for ruining what was once a good planet because of a growing crisis, it still didn't truly redeem the wounds made into the relations of the planet who still complained about their situation. The USRA begged them to put up with it until far stronger alternatives can be created, which the Pharaguians felt it was an empty promise because of the fact that they were warned that alternatives are not something that comes within a fortnight. The compensations for the people still did little to ease the sour attitudes of the victims of an idiot governor that ended up giving the USRA a briefly-earned bad rap to unallied races that would take years to help them ignore and forgive. Even to this day, the people of Pharagu are still being very hateful to the USRA and are actually celebrating holidays dedicated to their disbansion, regardless of the wars that followed, though they argued that it was more the fault of races becoming too dependent of the 'alliance of idiots' that caused those disasters to begin with. The mistake the governor made has left the people of Pharagu to be as rotten as the garbage they were forced to put up with.

The nastiest example of this is none other than Glowrod. Glowrod believed that an honest mistake was not something you can just act as if it can be forgiven that easily, and has been known to call out the USRA for 'tyranny against the unaligned'. But all that did was made him very unpopular and he was called out for being a 'hater'. His only true friend was a celebrated healer and teacher named Sue Wai, who despite not exactly approving of his harsh feelings against the USRA, is more sympathetic and understanding as to why he is even like this. So she inspired him to become a scientist, and when his bully problems still persisted when he still held onto his anti-USRA crutch, he decided to test out a theory that also made him more of a mockery for being 'laughable', that certain gases can affect your mentality and even morality. But after failing to notice a literal screw loose, his invention blew up on him, and exposed him to toxic chemical gases such as laughing gas, helium, and many others, causing him to go mad and insane, as well as costing him his right arm, and run off mad and crazy into the distance laughing, never to be seen again.

Sue attempted to save Glowrod from madness by trying to discover a way to cure darkness in the form of some genetically-bred treatment worms, but her research earned a negative opinion from the Villains Act, who captured Glowrod and had him and Mind Warper go out and contain her to make her research as obscured as possible for the good of the Villains Act. Because the Villains Act didn't have the patience to deal with Glowrod's 'absurd' persona, Darkness Qui gave him a serum that was able to keep his insanity in check and he maintains a more calm and almost-sophisticated demeanor, but the reflection of his madness shows through his actions, and occasionally almost breaks free when he's stressed out badly and he needs to insert his 'meds' inside his new prosthetic holo-arm's fingers to quickly calm himself down and avoid being a liability in the face of trouble.

Glowrod has since become a great asset to the Villains Act since his chemical weapons were successful in many VA operations. He even played a part in making Narcotic the villain he is today by providing him his weapons and infectious agents. Though ever since the Villains Act was destroyed, Glowrod has started hiding out on the wasted planet of Xenaros, where he was easily protected by the vicious Xenaratinoids, it's poisonous atmosphere that only he can resist, a bunch of abandoned and reactivated combat androids, and a well-preserved security system. Though he has been on this planet for so long, he has been able to create various backup hideouts in case one of them should be found, as well as to create new ones. He is still hiding here to this day.


Glowrod is a bioluminescent mole with glowing eyes, and spots going down the sides of his body, which his species naturally uses to scare off predators. Despite being insane, Glowrod is also a genius in machinery and chemical sciences. He is not very athletic and is incapable of doing a lot of stunts. However, he can learn to accurately use any kind of weapon he builds or comes across. He also has an immunity to several poisons since he has been exposed to them on his home planet.

Glowrod's right holo-arm is an advanced prosthetic with a green lens that can be used to display holograms, but also can be used as a plasma blaster for self-defense. The arm also gives him greater attack strength, yet he treats physical combat as a last resort. But when his self-defense arm cannon isn't enough, he relies on the many chemical weapons he has at his disposal, ranging from guns, bombs, robots, and even his hideout's indigenous monsters.

Glowrod has been noted by the Villains Act to be an organized and expansive criminal genius, having constructed over 52 different hidden hideouts across Xenaros, all protected by tamed Xenaratinoids, and all of them have a hundred types of villainous inventions that are all under care by maintenance drones as he can only be situated in one hideout. Each of these inventions are cataloged in supercomputers that can store massive amounts of data, which also include plans with each of the inventions, as well as rating other Villains Act plans on a scale of 1 to 10 to plan efficient strategies. His equipment, weapons, and tools are expansive and can aide Glowrod in a variety of ways. Though besides Xenaratinoids, his hideouts are also guarded by different kinds of robots, particularly his large locator drones that are programmed to work cooperatively and think ahead with coordinated strategies, all under Glowrod's authorization.

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