Hevon Eschose Thisson
Vital statistics
Title Dr. H. Eschose This, Dr. This
Gender Male
Race/Species Jokedon
Faction Founder of the Eschose Sector
Description Naturally Comical But Easily Sensitive, Determined, Cheerful At Times, Unintentionally Funny, More Self-Controlled Than Most Of His Kind
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Programmable Joke-Real Guns and Weapons, Flying Circus-Spaceship
Status Deceased
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Jokalivia (Gamma Universe, Eschose Sector, Sujja System) (Racial Homeworld)
Alignment Good

Doctor Hevon Eschose Thisson, AKA "Dr. H. Eschose This", was an Alternate UUniversal Jokedon from Planet Jokalivia. He is the namesake founder of the Eschose Sector of the Gamma Universe. Living during the days when the Jokedons were discriminated for their 'intolerable practical jokes' and faced constant racism such as being called 'ioccers' (Jokedon slur derived from the word 'joke' and their scientific name Iocceraptor jokedus) and segregated, Hevon wanted to prove that Jokedons were not complete jokes and went off-planet to make a big name, only to end up in the slavery of infamously cruel Brachnoid clown ringmaster Ringmaster Maroon-Eyes, who enslaved races like the Jokedons for forced entertainment, but with a love interest Jokedon who was driven off-planet for the same reasons as him, helped bring down Maroon-Eyes and the entire circus slavery became their crusade crew and thus he became the founder who molded the society of the Eschose Arm until death. Though he may not be as dead as he seems as his presence can be felt in many corners of the Eschose Arm, tying to the myth that he and all other sectorial founders became Sectorials, or figures that are guardian angels who watch each arm of a Universe's Unigalax.

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