Ivan Oren Insantino
Dr. Insantino
Vital statistics
Title Dr. Insantino
Gender Male
Race/Species Bald uakari (Cacajao calvus)
Faction Sanitary Techs (Formerly), Independent Criminal Mastermind
Description Fictional, Superanimal, Mean, Vengeful, Sinister, Creative
Skills and Abilities Natural Primate Abilities, Super-Agility, Super-Endurance, Telekinesis, Omnilinguism, Conquest Children (Formerly), Ingenious Sciences and Serums
Status Fictional, Alive
Location XD Comix Universe
  • New Sparta, Kratos (Hometown)
Alignment Evil

Dr. Ivan O. Insantino is a fictional Superior bald uakari who was published in Kratos' XD Comix. He was known to be a troubled person who was abused by his parents, and grew up to be a scientist for Sanitary Techs and was aiming to help in Project: Child's Play, a project meant to research an artificial way to make baby Superiors be in control of their developing powers and accurately use them. But when he came up with a drug that he believed would do the trick, he was denied and after his failure in helping them out, they take him off the project. Little did they know that he made the drug as a means to get the love he never had as a kid. He leaked it into the Pedokinea substance that would be tested on 20 baby Superiors, and a chain reaction caused it to explode. The explosion created the Challenger Children and the Conquest Children, whom he found were the evil babies he created, and after they briefly battle the good babies, he captures them, and adopts them. He uses them to spread evil, as well as give him the love that he never had. The problem was that the drug was not permanent, and lasted a full week. When he would eventually run out, he discovered a substance that could make his drug permanent. Unfortunately when he was caught stealing it from Dr. Sanitaide's lab, the Challenger Children and Sanitaide tracked down his hideout, and he was so close in administering the permanent drug to the Conquest Children. When the Conquest Children discovered they were being used, they and the Challenger Children send him to jail, and reform into The Stand-Lone Kidz. When he escaped, he swore revenge and became the Challenger Children and The Stand-Lone Kidz' arch-enemy. He has tried various times to destroy them with little success, and is still doing it. He is known for having a charismatic personality, and a British accent. He is much of a gentleman, but he can be pushed to his limits, and cares about his entire family except his parents. He never even showed up to their funeral because of their abusive behavior on him. His tragic past drove him to being a villain, and he won't stop at nothing to get his way. His powers include super-agility, super-endurance, telekinesis, and omnilingualism.

  • MCode: OllSaSeTk


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