Morris Pascal Mechallin
Vital statistics
Title Doctor Ironclantrix
Gender Male
Race/Species Cougar (Puma concolor)
Faction Independent Supervillain
Description Bitter, Power-Hungry, Jealous, Envious, Ingenious
Skills and Abilities Natural Cougar Abilities, Super-Mentality, Bionic Physiology, Genius Intellect, Robot Armies
Status Imprisoned
Location Kratos
  • Odyssi (Hometown)
  • Superior Jail (Current Imprisonment Residence)
Alignment Evil and Bitter

Morris P. Mechallin, AKA Dr. Ironclantrix, is a Superior cougar from Kratos. He is a biological machine Superior like Gadgetia the Hyena, and was raised with his twin brother, Mobius, by two business tycoons. He was originally going to be the company's owner, but he was immediately replaced when his brother's genius intellect and less-selfish attitude made him look unqualified. As a result, he became a janitor for the company as punishment for protesting. Fed up that his dreams were crushed, he built his own army of robots and took over the company, intending to use it and the technology his brother used for herowork, to take over Kratos. Luckily, Moby was able to stop him and regain control of the company while Morris was sent to Superior Jail. Though he was able to escape and retain his robot armies, as well as the superior upgrades he has in his mechanical matrix. He and his brother have been fighting ever since. His powers include super-mentality and bionic physiology.

  • MCode: BipSm


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