Rob Lamm Jarbins
Dr. Jarbins
Vital statistics
Title Doctor Jarbins, Scientist For Galaxy Defense Industries
Gender Male
Race/Species Ondryan
Faction Galactic Federation
Description Worrisome, Resourceful, Helpful, Concerned
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Scientific Genius
Status Alive
Location Ondry (Homeworld)
Alignment Neutral Good

Dr. Rob L. Jarbins is a Galactic Federation scientist who works for Galaxy Defense Industries, and was also put in charge in researching the experimental Riberoia worms from POI-SON. But because his job doesn't pay him enough to satisfy his family, he attempted to selling the worms to terrorists for 200,000,000 Sporebucks, not even knowing that they were terrorists to begin with. He just thought they were businessmen. But he constantly tries his hardest to hide his attempts from the Grand Council Woman after the time when Jumba was arrested for illegal genetic experimentation. He has two assistants named Bummer and Glueby, who are both basically like Patrick, but are just 'smart and dumb' at the same time in Jarbins' words. Outside of being reckless, he's not intentional evil like Dr. Stoddart, he's only trying to provide for his family and he ended up being tricked by well-disguised anti-GFED fanactics that happen to offer that ability. Luckly, the same anti-GFED duo were kind/stupid enough to let Jarbins finish his reshearch on the worms first before actselly taking them and use them to satisfy fanactical interests. A decidion that leave them waiting a LONG time and it would take an unexpected dishastor to make them lose their oppertunity to do serious damage to the GFEDs forever. Even then, the main idea for the project the fanactics didn't know is that the worms are being recreated to have healing properties capable to treat even the most uncureable of sickness, very uncapable for what these fanactics have in mind.


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