Karana Tryfor Globrunx
Dr. Karana Globrunx
Vital statistics
Title Doctor Globrunx, Founder of Globex Industries
Gender Male
Race/Species AUU Nardiraythe Human
Faction Globex Industries
Description Deceased, Ambitious, Smart, Highly Intelligent, Grand, Bold, Strong-Willed, Nearsighted
Skills and Abilities Natural Human Abilities, High-Level Scientific Intelligence,
Status Long-Deceased
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Foiothea (Delta Universe, Rasdano Sector, Discinsola System) (Homeworld)
  • Názulra, Sponex (Alpha Universe, Bacmus Sector, Trintyne System) (Globex Residence And Burial World)
Alignment Neutral Good

Dr. Karana T. Globrunx was an Alternate UUniversal Nardiraythe human from Planet Foiothea. He was the main founder and owner of Globex Industries in 1169 AD, and was among the greatest scientists in his time. He went to Planet Verus in his youth to study the science of alchemy, and had successfully fulfilled his great great grandfather's beliefs in turning lead into gold through a 'magical' process called 'Nukil'insu Illate' ('Nuclear-based Magic' in Verusian language), which was, in fact, a discovery of nuclear transmutation. After accomplishing this, he focused his attention on more of this 'spell', and developed more advanced scientific breakthroughs, and developed his own machinery within a year. He eventually partnered up with his childhood friends: A Trobeen Naroudan named Uhu Orheilm, a Rabodan named Ninclede Trynthe, and a Cunone named Lomb Inthuni, and became so rich, they focused their lives in science by paying $80 million to create Globex for the United Sentient Races Alliance, founding it on the Planet Sponex, and upon his death at age 74, Uhu took his place, and upon HIS death at age 189, more people took their places. He is also the ancestor of Dr. Armalite Infernus, the mad cybernetic scientist who started the bloody Exo-Wars 5 centuries later. His position is currently taken up by Professor Glitz Sirius.


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