Melvin Gabe Marz
Dr. Marz
Vital statistics
Title Dr. Marz
Gender Male
Race/Species Bighorn Sheep Ram (Ovis canadensis)
Faction Former Leader of Dragon Realms Mega-Sci Corp
Description Greedy, Controversial, Conspirator, Mean, Introverted, Inconsiderate, Unfulfilling
Skills and Abilities Natural Ram Abilities, Scientific Genius

(As Hybrid) Locust/Ram Abilities, Flight, Super-Strength, Enhanced Fighting Skills, Speed, Agility, Reflexes

Status Imprisoned
Location Dragon Realms (Homeworld)
Alignment Evil

Doctor Melvin Gabe Marz is a bighorn sheep ram from the Dragon Realms. He was a former local scientist who came to be the 3rd owner of Mega-Sci Corp, the UUniverses' best source for science and technology products. Though during the time he joined, MSC had some controversial decisions to it. Dr. Marz' ownership, instead of improving them, only made it worse. He did unethical experiments that were all classified from even senators and other govermental offictals. Though one of his most infamous experiments was creating an artificial pest control in the form of biologically altered desert locusts that were meant to eat unsentient pests, ignoring the risks of them eating others, like those that are technically considered pests like sentient rats or rodents, and everyone and everything else. So the Shell Lodgers exposed his crime and got him fired. As an act of revenge, the Villain League used his work to turn him into a part-ram part-locust mutant called Hybrid, which was short-lived. He's currently seeking revenge on the Shell Lodge for ruining his career.


Dr. Marz Hybrid

Dr. Marz as Hybrid

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