Mobius Leroy Mechallin
Vital statistics
Title Doctor Mechanicalis
Gender Male
Race/Species Cougar (Puma concolor)
Faction Independent Superhero
Description Superanimal, Ingenuous, Strong-Willed, Biomechanical, Rich, Great, Responsible, Intelligent
Skills and Abilities Natural Cougar Abilities, Super-Mentality, Bionic Physiology, Genius Intellect
Status Alive
Location Kratos
  • Odyssi (Hometown, Current Residence)
Alignment Good
Dr. Mobius 'Moby' L. Mechallin, AKA Dr. Mechanicalis, is a Superior cougar from Kratos. He is a biological machine Superior like Gadgetia the Hyena, and is an expert in physics, mechanics, and many other sciences. He and his twin brother, Morris, were both raised by rich bio-machine business tycoon parents who died in a flying accident, and despite Morris being the original heir to their company, Moby's intelligence and less-selfish demeanor made him look unqualified. Thus, Moby became the new owner of their company, and decided to use the technology they bestowed for good. He upgraded his body and became the namesake genius Dr. Mechanicalis. However, his brother, naming himself Dr. Ironclantrix, wanted to take over the company by force and use it to take over Kratos. Luckily, Moby stopped him without trouble. They have since been battling with each other, and Moby still shows sympathy for his own corrupt brother, though is not hestitant to allow Iron to face great punishment in hopes it would snap him out of it. His powers include super-mentality and bionic physiology.
  • MCode: BipSm


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