Iango Wass Mjorton
Dr. Mjorton
Vital statistics
Title Doctor Mjorton
Gender Male
Race/Species Stripe-Belly Yinguen (Psitayingeus fasciabetus)
Faction Villains Act (Before Disbanding), Corruption Co. (Formerly)
Description Very Isolated And Anonymous, Rich, Not Truly Evil, Enthusiastic At Times
Skills and Abilities Natural Penguin-Like Abilities, Scientific Genius, Resourceful And Smart
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Gurrington, Klenamark (Epsilon Universe, Ulcram Sector, Warban System) (Hometown)
Alignment Reformed And Redeeming

Dr. Iango W. Mjorton is an Alternate UUniversal Yinguen from Planet Klenamark. He is known in the Villains Act to have been the only scientist that hid his involvement in several Villains Act experiments from anyone. Nobody ever knew that he worked for Corruption Co., and his data was hidden very well. He is the creator of several drugs that the Villains Act used for evil, including several corruption substances and augmentation serums, particularly the one used to enhance Commander Dartagnan. He doesn't work for Corruption Co. for evil, but because they supply him with tons of cash. When the Villains Act fell, he retired and took up another scientific career, never bothering to get involved with the Villains Act again. In an Ironic truth, he only got into the VA to get the money he needed to create his dream amusement park and became a successful business bird. He never had supported the VA's beliefs and hated himself doing what he did, but kept himself going by pushing it through for his dream to be worth it in the end.


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