Nutbary Kokonut Pyogitix
Dr. Pyogitix
Vital statistics
Title Doctor Pyogitix
Gender Male
Race/Species Pileated woodpecker (Dryocopus pileatus)
Faction Independent Mad Scientist (Formerly)
Description Superanimal, Mentally Challenged and Insane, Bird-Like Stupidity, Insane Genius, Deluded
Skills and Abilities Natural Bird Abilities, Rough Beak, Flight, Self-Duplication, Super-Mentality, Super-Longevity
Status Alive
Location Kratos
  • Prometheon (Hometown and Current Residence)
  • Tartarus Valley (Former Mad Scientist Residence)
Alignment Mentally Misunderstood

Doctor Nutbary K. Pyogitix is a Superior woodpecker and the creator of the Pyo Core and brillient genius behind most of the many advancements of Kratos. The problem was, he was, and still is, paraniod and mentally deludional that a fictional villain group from an outdated tv show was out to destroy the core and drove him to mistake everyone and everything as characters of the show. Dispite being considered a savior from stoping a horrendus doomsday from a dying star, which he only did cause he thought it was the work of the Order of Stars, he's really a hopeless mess and he seriously needs professional help before he ends up hurting himself and others. His insanity drove him to buy illegal tec and use it to protect the core, but it got him into legal trouble. Thing is, he was borned Omipotent after a severe quantonium accsident, and it left him incapable to power flux on reasons often debated by many science groups, so he processed every documented and undocumented power in the book! He used a cloning ability to clone himself and let the clone get captured by athorities, which he mistook as "Star of Order soldiers", and he proceeds to remain in the frozen wasteland of kratos, alone with his own invention to protect ever since, entertained only by Space Hero re-runs and rotine attacks on Ice Bandit villages, accusing them of "Working for the Stars of Order", and unpleasently exspeariments on those that don't get away. Not a hero or a villain, just a hopelessly deluded mental case of a mess. Before assendtion to Omnipotence, his primary powers were super mentality, super longevity, and self-duplication.

  • MCode: SdSlSm (Prime Powers)


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