Riys Eiffel O'Mortimer
Dr. Rig O'Mortus
Vital statistics
Title Rig O'Mortus
Gender Male
Race/Species Yurun
Faction Independent Threat

Globex (Formerly)

Description Mentally Ill, Overambitious, Determined, Self-Righteous
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Genius Capabilities, Mixed With Insanity, Control of Rombies
Status Assimilated and Killed by Assistant Wack-Crackers
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Tekmo, Yurue (Theta Universe, Faste Sector, Gaios System) (Hometown)
  • Junkah (Delta Universe, Abdephomis Sector, ZANZ0 System) (Death Residence)
Alignment Megalomaniacal Evil
Doctor Riys Eiffel O'Mortimer, AKA Doctor Rig O'Mortus is an Alternate UUniversal Yurun from Planet Yurue. He was once a prime sciencest in his day in 80s Era Globex. However, he became noted for doing the one thing that got him on UIS' rader: He had aimed to revive the USRA Founders and the prodominate figures of the time the other USRA races had joined such in an attempt to revive them as immortal bot beings so in term to revive the USRA. Naterolly, UIS were NOT big fans of that idea. So an 80s Era Skep President had ordered some Naaars to ambush Rig and subugate him to extreme pain in a Naaar Slaughter Station Facility. Thus how he lost his arm. Though Rig was rescued before he became Naaar food, the legacy he was going to make couldn't survive, cause even though the Grandmind himself scolded the 80s Era Skep President of the improper act, the Grandmind also informed Globex that what Rig was trying to atthive, reviving iconic figures for the purpose of rebanding the USRA, is a risky propisition that would invite things like what just occured. Thus, the Globex CEOs were convinced to pull the plug on Rig's idea, not helping that among the CEOs was a netourious ethicist about the risks of revivals and bringing the past to the present. Thus Rig resigned from his job in anger, replaced his arm with an extendo-claw suited for science, managed to sneak into Isolated Space and took up residence in Junkah, and began to take control of it's "Rombie" Problem, basicly for the purpose of independently trying to revive his lost work for reviving the USRA founders as immortal machines. He pretty much has a rough reputation as an unpopular psyco hermit as a result, for because of him controling Rombies, of which while it has the potaintional to do the planet favors, he did it the wrongest ways possable and have thee rombies deliver victims to him for twisted exspeariments. Though Rig rarely interacts with other Anti-UIS nuts, he has been noted to have been considered a friend of Worm McSinep, of which Rig has been noted to supply Worm with Yurun created weaponry in return for funding of his reshurch. Otherwise, Rig had enough common sense to not wanting to be on UIS' wrath otherwise in being trumatised of nearly ended up slaughtered in a Naaar Slaughter Station. He doesn't want revenge on UIS persay, he would like to think that if the USRA was revived by the iconic figures and made better then ever and free of flaws, it would put UIS into a state of willing to compromise better, so to end the conflict peacefully. The problem is that years of isolation have made him insane, though he is still determined on resolving the UIS/USRA issue non-violently, his amorality to the suffering of the natives deminstraights that he is not in the right mind for an otherwise well intentioned goal. On top of that, his reshurch is at risk of being attractive to less desireable folks that want to push the Rombies into a direction even HE hasn't push them in and basicly use the Rombies for means of rising to power, and in a world of a post-robot/zombie apocolise, Rig is playing with dangerious fire having controled the Rombies like he does. Not helping that his assistent, a greed-mongering UIS rodent named Assistant Wack-Crackers, is actselly pretty much the top punk of the kind of louts that would use his reshurch for such persuits.


  • "My geniusthh is denied NO LONGER!!"
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