Orville Neddie Sanitaide
Dr. Sanitaide
Vital statistics
Title Doctor Sanitaide, Head of Sanitary Techs
Gender Male
Race/Species Domestic sheep (Ovis aries)
Faction Sanitary Techs, Fatherly Figure To Challenger Children
Description Fictional Superanimal Sheep Ram Born Without Horns, Semi-Protective, Loves Children, Determined, Worrisome
Skills and Abilities Natural Sheep Abilities, Super Mentality, Electricity Manipulation
Status Fictional, Alive
Location XD Comix Universe
  • New Sparta (Hometown and Current Residence)
Alignment Good

Dr. Orville N. Sanitaide is a fictional Superior sheep scientist published in Kratos' XD Comix. He was a biochemist who had been the one who ran Project: Child's Play, a project that was meant to search for a source that could allow Superior children to accurately control their developing powers. After a few failures, he came up with Pedokinea, a quantonium-derived substance that would do the trick. But what he didn't know was that Dr. Insantino, a scientist that was kicked out of the project, had injected a drug inside that caused a chain reaction during the testing phase that caused an explosion that created the Challenger Children and the Conquest Children, 10 being good, and 10 being evil after the effects of Insantino's drug. While Sanitaide was amazed that the Challenger Children became intelligent, he promised them he would help them search for their evil brethren, who were abducted by Insantino to be his adoptive children in crime. He constantly had them gain the evil drug every week, but when he ran out, he found a substance at Sanitaide's lab that could allow his drug to become permanent. Unfortunately, he was caught in the act by Sanitaide, and with the help of the Challenger Children, they stopped him from making the Conquest Children permanently evil and with them reformed, they defeated Insantino, and Sanitaide becomes their fatherly figure, as well as the Conquest Children, who became The Stand-Lone Kidz of Zorba City. Sanitaide is an intelligent Superior who has a never-give-up attitude, and knows a few self-defense moves after being briefly in the army. His powers include super-mentality and electrical manipulation.

  • MCode: ElmSm


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