Doctor Sayus Mayus Dayus

Dr. Sayus Mayus Days is an Alternate UUniversal Tiikon from Planet Vorlon. Dr. Sayus was a 90's era Globex scientist that was once part of what was referred to as the Bacabin Campaign that aimed to force the deisolation of Bacabin's isolated systems via endless protests that if it had been successful, it would inspired similar campaigns. Sayus was a prime philosophical leader of the campaign, and believed that it is the USRA's manifest destiny to unite all systems. However, his extremist ideology had UIS deem him as a threat that would've risked USRA expansion and had an elite Skorner Squad sent to break up the campaign and capture Sayus, which ultimately prevented others who had the same belief from ever trying the same thing. Sayus, as a Tiikon, didn't have too kind of an opinion to the Skorners due to prior racial tension, but his opinion did not improve when being placed in a Skorner Penal Colony due to how influentially risky he could've been. And the scars speak for themselves that he did not have a great time in the prison. Sayus was able to escape thanks to his misguided niece Saya, who enlisted the help of some followers of Worm McSinep. Saya took Sayus to hide on the planet Scyria, a world of scientific wonder and potential. Here, Sayus has come to believe that UIS was 'a group that only respects force', going mad and vows to seek out the legend of the Teadr 1 Scyrians to utilize against the UIS's influence, which includes the Skorners because of far more personal wounds. Sayus had been long sought out ever since his escape. He currently resides in Lapse Wastes, an irradiated wasteland with a destroyed ozone layer that houses underground caves called the Lapse Caves which houses a subterranean bioluminescent biome and rich amounts of the Scyrians' top superpower, enhancelement. He makes this substance his own prime weapon and creates new weapons and technology from it, but finds that it's now being obscured of any traces since the downfall of it's core being. He finds a lab that contains a monster calling himself Stonewell, who claims that he knows a lot that he'll need to know as well if he wishes to succeed, forming an alliance. Sayus promises that the two can carry on together with the raw power of enhancelement, and gives him five new monster minions to aid him. But Stonewell, not caring about the concerns of the UIS knowing they were born from understandable circumstances, aims to betray him when he is freed, intent on 'doing them a favor', even when Saya gets suspicious and tries multiple times to warn him.

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