Osvaldo Enzene Stoddart
Dr. Stoddart
Vital statistics
Title Doctor Stoddart
Gender Male
Race/Species Fargrodyte
Faction Galactic Federation Galaxy Defense Industries (Formerly), Partner of Dr. Jumba Jookiba (Formerly)
Description Greedy, Vengeful, Envious, Smart, Cunning
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Scientific Intelligence and Ingenuity
Status Still at Large
Location Fargrox (Hometown)

(Current Location Unknown)

Alignment Evil

Doctor Osvaldo E. Stoddart is a mad scientist big headed elf-eared alien from the Galactic Federations' science labs. He has created a vast array of evil creations and inventions that made him one of the most feared criminal geniuses of the UUniverses ever since he was discharged from the G Feds for illegally creating X and Y. But he was long thought to be dead until he returned to his living of terrorism.


Stoddart was born on a planet in Deep Space called Planet Fargrox. Even for his youth, Stoddart was a genius in many forms of science and math. This earned him a hand in the GFed's Galaxy Defense Industries, the same labs where Jumba worked. There, Stoddart worked in military biology and robotics, and actually had a hand in creating Jumba's 628 experiments.

However, Stoddart wanted to do an experiment without Jumba's aid. Stoddart had planned to create creatures that would make the GFed's military stronger and better. But upon learning that Jumba was planning to sell one of his Experiments (Stitch) to the Villain League for a huge price, he couldn't allow that to happen because he wanted all the credit. He couldn't risk getting himself exposed for aiding Jumba with the experiments, So, he ordered Experiment 621 to get Jumba sent to court, which at the same time, started the events of SpongeBob and Friends meet Lilo and Stitch.

With Jumba in prison, Stoddart took control of his labs, and planned to make his mystery creatures. He created a serum made of genetically fresh DNA, and needed to find suitable subjects, both male and female. Then he found some: a tiger couple named Xing and Ying, who were from the DreamWorks version of China, and joined the Imperial Council in the Disney Universe in order to maintain peace. Kidnapping the duo, Stoddart injected the serum in them, turning them into shapeshifting creatures made of pure DNA, naming them X and Y.

Containing X and Y in two Biohazard barrels, Stoddart intended to sell these creatures to the GFed's military, but winded up getting himself fired from the labs. As for X and Y, their containers were buried in the Dragon Realms in separate areas in hopes that they will never be discovered. Stoddart was sent to prison in the same cell Jumba was in. But somehow, he managed to escape, and flee in a spaceship. The GFeds persued him, and before Stoddart could activate the HDrive, the GFeds blasted his ship down, believing him to be dead. But they failed to realize that before the ship was destroyed, Stoddart had activated an escape pod, and took off, his landing point unknown.

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