Dr. Wordy
Vital statistics
Title Doctor Wordy
Gender Male
Race/Species Ichthyornis dispar
Faction Independent Xenobiologist
Description German Accent, Ballsy, Determined, Confident, Misunderstood
Skills and Abilities Natural Bird Abilities, Flight, Scientific Mind
Status Alive
Location Ichthyos
Alignment Good

Dr. Wordy is an Ichthyornis scientist from Planet Ichthyos who is similar to Icky. He has a heavy German accent, and he was known to study xenobiology on other-worldly beings, and dreamed of being the first scientist to discover things literally not of their world. But everybody ended up ridiculing him for his 'crazy' theories. He was especially laughed at by Emperor Jerky for them. Fortunately, when he was defeated, Wordy got the fame he always wanted by studying the first Ichthyos-discovered world of Equestria with the help of Buried Logic.


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