Zander Orshack
Zander Orshack
Vital statistics
Title Curator of Zootopian Natural History Museum
Gender Male
Race/Species Plains zebra (Equus quagga)
Faction None
Description Intelligent, Passionate For Zootopian History, Daring and Supportive of Girlfriend Antelopez
Skills and Abilities Natural Senses, Intelligent, Highly-Educated
Status Alive
Location Zootopia (Hometown)
Alignment Neutral

Dr. Zander Orshack is a male zebra and the curator of the Natural History Museum of Zootopia. Not only being the smartest zebra in zootopia, he is also a very large supporter for rights in any city. This lead to him falling in love with Antelopez, who was a friend of Gazelle. To this day, he supports Antelopez whereever she goes, even to protest at the city limits of Herbavoris. Though, this isn't without him worring for her safety considering the city's infamous police state reputation. But when Antelopez ever gets in trouble, he would do anything to get her back, and nothing would scare him from rescuing the lady that he loves. Not even the threat of death. Course, it wouldn't really hurt to have some back-up into this.

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