is the Draconequus homeland in Equestria. It is a surreal world where Draconequui are free to use their magic on everything except the lands right behind the Draconequua Border Line, which is illegal. Most ponies call it the 'Wonderland' of Equestria, and is extremely isolated. Twists, turns, curves, and loops are found all over the place, and the environment is twisted and sparse. This land is under the rule of King Wacky and Queen Pranks. After the Chaos War billions of years ago, Draconequui have used their magic for laughter, peace, and happiness for the good of their own safety, and this was where they lived ever since.


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Since Draconequua is a place where Draconequui are free to use their magic wherever they like, the entire place is surrounded by giant props, sweets, and basically the place has all the stuff that a Draconequus can call home. But as with the Draconequus ways, there are laws about how the magic is used. The only areas that Draconequui cannot use their magic in is across the Draconequua Magic Border Line, where ponies, griffins, centaurs, dragons, and others usually live.



The Draconequui have strict laws about using their magic on their lands. Many forms of magic have been considered inappropriate and destructive. The main law enforcement of Draconequua is the DIA (Draconequua Investigation Agency), which is meant for keeping Draconequus criminals from using magic illegally or using their magic across the Border Line as long as it's not based on the environment and if it was not requested. Using magic illegally is punishable by up to 10-50 years in prison or a fine of 500 bits, and illegally using magic across the Border Line is punishable by up to 30-200 years in prison or a fine of 100,000 bits. But these punishments vary according to the situation. Sometimes, for an example, ponies tend to cause Draconequui crimes or sometimes mastermind it for enslavement, profit or other crimes. Since they're not immortal like Draconequui, their imprisonment will last 5-15 years and a fine of 600 bits. Also, Draconequui are forbidden to use their magic in a few other ways like killing, making people fall in love, bringing the dead back to life, basically it's a 'Da Rules' thing. Also, one crime is turning a mortal pony, griffin, dragon, centaur, or even a simple animal, into an immortal Draconequus, among similar laws of turning the mortals into Alicorns (if ponies) or just plain overly powerful immortal magi. That's a crime that's punishable by 100-1,000 years in prison. The DIA is forbidden to use explosives or other weaponry, not even so much as pepper spray unless necessary, but they only use their magic.

Defense and Law Enforcement

Draconequua's Defense Forces are incredibly strong. Draconequui don't use tanks, jets, or any other vehicles for that matter. Their entire arsenal is their magic. Draconequui don't need vehicles since they can fly, breathe underwater, and survive toxic gases. A squadron of 50 Draconequui can fly in attack formation like a flock of birds, and can use their magic as a means of either assault or for show. Draconequui in the Draconequua Defense Force are trained to use their magic efficiently and safely. They are even taught to drive vehicles if necessary. Tanks and other assault vehicles are not needed unless necessary, too. Draconequui do not declare war like in the days of their chaos and disharmony, except they just do fights when necessary.



The weather in Draconequua can randomly change. The clouds turn into marshmallow, cotton candy, or even broccoli, and they rain chocolate milk, soda, coffee, or lemonade. The wind isn't that bad, but there are rarely any tornadoes or hurricanes. Rules: The weather cannot rain alcohol (both drinkable and non-drinkable cause of flammable tendingcies), acid, or any hurtful objects, and the clouds are not allowed to be steel wool, toxic gases, or even made of garbage. Even clouds outside of the land are restricted unless if it was consented by ponies, but they are to be finished quickly and consumed right away. Use of monetary gain is restricted to both Ponies and Draconquui, requires full permission by government of both sides or business official of exclusive rights.


Other than the plants, the scenery is also sparse. The ground is colored with certain patterns, mainly checkered, polka dotted, striped, or even harlequin. Sweets, inanimate objects, food, and other props can also make up the scenery. Also, bodies of water can be altered into different colors as long as it isn't harmful for the life that flourishes in them. Objects and food can even float in the air in case a Draconequui can't fly and wants a passageway in case of gaps and cliffs. Even bridges or walkways that twist and turn, go in different directions such as loops or inverted loops, are easily walkable thanks to magic keeping you on. Rules: No inappropriate things are to be used for the scenery or even vandalism. The bodies of water are forbidden to have acidic contents or anything dangerous, and the sweets and food that make up the scenery must be protected from the animals that might feed off of them. There will not even be any pollution for that matter, either. Money isn't allowed either (Again, counterfeiting). It can be considered as a tourist magnet, cause how even a simple field of squirter flowers is a tourist attraction. There is an exception of foreign currency just for the sake of the natives being neighborly and considerate. Foreign businesses are a continuous ongoing controversial debate, like a pony owned business or a guru Minotaur business similar to Iron Will, is viewed controversial cause it's part of another ongoing debate of non-Draconquui immigration, often by those that are tired of the same old thing and want a realm of pure unexpectedness, has raised concerns among Draconquui officials that it may hurt native owned businesses, added by the controversial "illegal immigrant Harpy help" where Harpies, who escaped to avoid unbalanced matriarchy over-taxing to seek a better life are getting natives fired from their jobs and began to form unions to protest. Official rulings to keep out illegal immigrants are often backlashed by equal-rights activists, the likes of Celestia and other leaders who viewed such ideas as acts of discrimination, and even the King and Queen who aren't bothered by these strange visitors at all. But there are more "fair" rules like all immigrants wishing to have a place here must have visas for stay. Work visas, Home visas, and other things are considered. Religion, with an outside exception of Equestia's cause of it being the reason by the Draconquui became good, is still a controversial issue, as well as "same gender" romances and marriages, drug control, the restriction of weapons, and the aforementioned trading.



The animals of Draconequua are magically mutated into hybrids, or given unique functions or given the genes of another animal. Whenever a normal animal enters the land, they magically become harmless hybrids or mixes. But by the time they go out, they change back to normal. There are bat-winged fish, flying pigs, antelope-legged bunnies, large bugs, legged dolphins or whales, flying seals, mythological echidnas (female snake creatures that give birth to monsters) and pythons (snake-lizard monsters), asags (chaotic monster griffins), anzû (Massive lion-headed birds who can breathe fire and water), illuyankas (Colossal serpentine dragons), medusas, rakshasas (Pony-eaters), furies (underground octopuses with chaotic tempers and screams), apeps (Long chaos snakes whose bite venom instills weeks or months of chaotic hallucinations and ailments), guabancexes (A gorilla-baboon whose fury destroys and kills), juracáns (Flying storm serpent monsters), tannins (Wolf-like chaos sea serpents), lotans (Chaos dragons), unhcegilas (Cheshire serpents that take and disappear), sets (Chaotic wolves), phookas (Troublemaking shapeshifters), Ibong Adarnas (Rainbow birds marked with chaos), nues (Japanese chaos chimeras), taniwhas (Large amphibious gecko-sharks), boojums (Bat monsters with deadly screams), snarks (Predatory legged fish), borogoves (Thin shabby-looking bird with its feathers sticking out all round, something like a live mop), bandersnatches (A swift moving lion-headed creature with snapping jaws, capable of extending its neck), manxomes (Three-legged beasts), raths (Shark-mouthed, raptor-legged turtles with smooth green bodies), mome raths, jubjub birds (Chaotically-detailed tropic birds), toves (Badger-lizards that have corkscrew tongues and heads that make their nests under sun-dials and live on cheese), jabbers (Two-hand-legged raptors), and Jabberwocks/Jabberwockies (Chaos-breathing dragons), among others. Rules: The hybrids are forbidden to be hostile or dangerous, and their magic effects must not give them anything hurtful. All animals from the lands, even naturally harmless ones, whether illegally imported or if traveled to normal lands by accident or other reasons, will be viewed as invasive species and will be captured by specially trained animal control officials to be sent back. Official Pet Trade is still only allowed in Draconequua. It's yet to be official and legal in outside lands, all each, even Equestia, are pending and are making slow but steady progress. Because most nations are vegetarians, meat production is rare, and cause Draconquui are immortal, there's no desire to eat or consume actual food, they eat items mostly for fun and/or that it refuels their powers. Though, there is slow but noticeable consideration for meat production of flying pigs and winged fish to carnivorous nations like Minotaurs (ironically because of being half bull as bovines are normally considered vegetarians), Griffins, and Harpies. Other carnivorous nations like Dragons often prefer their traditional meals more or are not currently interested. There is/was an annual hunting season of the "Jackalope" deer-legged rabbit creatures. It was banned when Pony officials thought the creatures were too cute for hunting, eventually inspiring a few year controversial battle until the hunting season just died. The irony is that now there's so many Jackalopes that sometimes, they're the most recurring creature to cross-over to Equestria or other outside nations. They're harmless and shy at least, and aren't hard to catch and make them mentally convince to stay in Draconequua where they're hardly bothered. Jackalope Milk is currently in a controversial debate.


The flora of Draconequua has plenty of plants and trees because a Draconequui can feel like they need some vegetation every once in a while. Trees can be transmogrified into treehouses for Draconequui, they can have their colors changed as long as it doesn't alter their chemistry, and they can even be changed into growing things other than fruits like sweets. Rules: The trees are forbidden to grow certain things like money (Which is considered counterfeiting, although legalized money trees exist for the sake of giving the nation it's own form of currency, which will not be accepted in outside nations), and the magic effects must not kill the plants themselves. Also, the plants must not be used for vandalism. The selling of smaller plants like the squirter flower and the conscious flytrap (a very smart plant) are currently legal for selling to outside lands to Griffinmainia and Dragonia, while legality is still pending for the Minotaur nation and legal rights is not yet considered by other outside nations, including Equestia due to controversy that the squirter flower may be forged by a malicious Draconequus with acid capabilities or hot sauce (though that can ironically be of use for special occasions like the need for spicy foods) and that the Conscious Flytrap is viewed as a form of helping kids cheat by school officials, while possibilities to better defilement is also considered as well. Farming in the Draconquui lands by outside foreigners is legal, but selling foods to outside nations is still pending, though highly considered by vegetarian nations including Equestria because farmer ponies are the most common farmers there. Takes a strong mind to put up with surreal randomness.


Draconequua has plenty of cities and villages. The land and island is separated from other lands by the Draconequus Magic Border Line, forming a magically-created white line that automatically triggers an alarm if magic is used on the other side without authorization. The Line forms a rectangular shape that covers land and water. Inside the land, including the main island and the reef surrounding it, there are over a dozen civilizations. The capital of Draconequua being the magical city of Draco DD, which contains the ruling kingdom. The government is parliamentary, in which the Draconequua Council chooses their king or queen. Other villages or cities aren't that bad either. Villages are like Ponyville, and cities are like Manehatten. Over the years, Draconequui have taken in some of the ponies' architectures and agricultures, and used them to build their civilizations in a similar way. Locations include:

  • Draco DD- The capital of Draconequua, and the untold secret location of the non-magic entrance to Chthonica, the underground chaos realm of monsters where the worst of discordant monsters are banished, the worst being Echidna.
  • Discordia- The most populous city and the Ponyville of Draconequua.
    • Discordian Church- An abandoned church where the Draconequui formed the basis of their Discordianism-like religion and the beliefs that allow them to remain neutral and semi-orderly.
    • Grandfather Tower- The grandfather clock-like Big Ben of Discordia.
    • Doles Tower- The tallest skyscraper in Discordia.
  • Tumtum Park- The biggest family park in Draconequua with beautiful forests of Tumtum trees, a tree that can walk with it's own roots and turn into chaotic colors every autumn while also baring hallucinogenic berries tasty to Draconequui but very intoxicating to non-Draconequui.
  • Tulgey Forest- The Everfree Forest of Draconequua that has chaotic monsters and creatures in it.
  • Vorpal Yards- A treacherous land that was the site of one of the biggest massacres in the Chaos War by a mad Draconequus fanatic named Ire the Vorpal.
  • Maddening Mists- A foggy swamp land where the fog brings forth maddening hallucinations except for the Draconequui who are immune.
  • Maze of Troubles- A former thrill attraction that was turned into a torment maze to break the minds of those who wander it.
  • Burbling Bay- The marine-based entrance to the island where boats enter.
  • Ceto Sea- The sea of Draconequua where chaotic tides and sea monsters can be found.
    • Paricia Tidelands- A Mt. Saint-Michel-like tidal coast which used to be a prison for POWs during the Chaos War where they imprisoned and drowned their enemies.
  • Tiamatan Ocean- The ocean that surrounds the island. It's nature is unpredictable due to it being cursed long ago during the Chaos War to make traversing to the island difficult. It was said to be the home of the myths about Seaconequui, or mermaid draconequui.
    • Aipaloovik Reef- The second biggest coral reef in Draconequua. The reef consists of chaotic scenery and monstrous chaotic wildlife.
    • Great Phorcys Reef- The biggest coral reef in Draconequua which is the most plentiful underwater landscape of the island.
    • Veles Sea Caves
  • Dogmatown
  • Fraustown
  • Thackery Thicket- A forest of overgrown flora and carnivorous plants.
  • Gimble Caves- Caves where untold chaotic doom is said to await. No non-Draconequus has ever returned after entry.
  • Liddelltown
  • Frumious Lands- A fiery wasteland of volcanic chaos and danger, being home to the most notorious chaos dragons ever known.
    • Tau Caverns
    • Enyo Wastes
    • Brimstone
  • Aneris Wastes
  • Cheshire Jungle- A jungle full of chaotic exotic wildlife such as bandersnatches, mome raths, apeps, nues, jub-jub birds, Cheshire Cats, borogoves, toves, illuyankas, etc.
  • McTwisp Meadows- A meadow which is a grassland populated by chaotic creatures.
  • Mirror City- A city with buildings of reflective mirror surfaces that confuse non-chaotic beings.
  • Eris Caves- A set of caves where a battle was fought during the Chaos War, and where Discord, Celestia, and Luna usually hung out and played when they were young.
  • Statue of Civility- A Statue of Liberty-like statue which represents how ponies and Draconequui, as well as any other foreign race, are treated equally.
  • Tyranny's Canyon- A literal bottomless pit of a canyon in between the island where the bottom is actually a river of pure chaos magic. It is a destruction site where Tyranny tried to wipe out the Alicorn Gods.
  • Fort Loki- An old fort created by Draconequus soldiers that was partially destroyed during the Chaos War.
  • Schrödinger Shack- An abandoned shack where people can appear either alive or dead, and be immune to the laws of death.
  • Messlands- A land that looks like a child's messy untidy room and ruled by independent Draconequui children.
  • Dream Mountains- The tallest peaks of Draconequua where the cloud cities above resemble a dream-style landscape and the air is thinner and thus any non-Draconequui visitors get squeaky voices and act sporadic.
  • Valley of Tears- A land that used to be owned by a bringer of misery who died of a broken heart and flooded the entire land with her tears that now form a beautiful land that can sometimes induce sadness and grief.
    • Misery Peak- A small peak of massive waterfalls and chaotic storms filled with sadness-inducing scenery.
    • Tear Falls- Falls in the shape of a crying Draconequus.
  • Doortress- A giant fortress with twisting and turning doors, rooms, hallways, and is basically a maze of a house and is now an exhibit.
  • Slithy Bog- A swamp of goo and slime that has a mind of it's own and has countless ways of getting lost or stuck.
  • Looking Glass Penitentiary- The biggest maximum security prison for the Draconequui, consisting of magic mirror portals that nullify chaos magic and provide penance and an inescapable time of imprisonment for criminal Draconequui.
  • Gameland- A land of gambling and games where the society can be comically random and nonsensical.
    • Lavernus Vegas- A Las-Vegas-style city where people do games like gambling, and there is massive amounts of amusement parks. It's also a city filled with crime.
    • Momus City- A city which changes it's appearance every day and has a mind of it's own.
    • Chesserfield- A chess-themed royal city separated by a wall with delusional inhabitants of 2 kingdoms that have a Red vs. Blue rivalry with each other: Red Kingdom and White Kingdom.
    • Cardsland- A playing card-based land with delusional inhabitants of 4 towns that have a Red vs. Blue rivalry with each other: Spadetown, Clubtown, Diamondtown, and Hearttown
  • Wonderwoods- A forest of dangerous chaotic and surreal landscapes filled with colorful trees and mushrooms.
  • Dumplands- A land of garbage and chaotic wastes where chaotic anomalies wreak havoc.
  • Frabjousland- A land of childish freedom and gain.
    • Toytown- A town of literal toys.
    • Laughsville- A city where constant and unrelenting pranks are the norm.
    • Dollhouse- A former fortress where doll-like automatons and toys were built by a childishly insane Draconequus named Frivolity.
  • Foodlands- A land of literal food and edibles.
    • Dessert Desert- A desert made of literal sweets like ice cream and candy.
    • Glutentown- A town which was founded by a carefree glutton Draconequus named Gluttony.
  • Outgrabe Gorge- A giant chaotic gorge where death has been common and the bones of it's victims can be found.
  • Mischmasch Hills- Hills that have treacherous terrain that looks unnaturally deformed.
  • Bismuth Beach- A Draconequua version of Basalt Beach where the landscape is made of bismuth and thus has the cubicle crystals which are part of ancient Draconequuan currency.
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