Dragma Landscape

Dragma is an alien world in the UUniverses which is hardly known. It is the home planet of the Dragmites. It has a long and complex history, and is older than Earth itself. It has much denser air than on other worlds, and because of it's smaller size, it has gravity that's 30% weaker, which allows for moderately greater strength, higher jumping, and life on this planet is composed of plants with animal-like qualities, and sweeter fruits. The fauna of this planet composes of mainly insectoid aliens. Cities here are mainly in ruins since they were incinerated by the Grox of the SPORE Universe, and their leader, Emperor Cygron, has tried to rebuild their civilizations by stealing technology from crashed ships, and force the passengers to be trapped in their underground sanctuaries forever so none of them fulfill the prophecy their oracle Chazona told of heroes taking Cygron down for good. He decreed that anyone who escaped the sanctuaries would be executed no questions asked. Resources on this planet has been scarce since the Grox attacks, and the Dragmites try their hardest to rebuild their lost civilizations. But soon, the heroes prophesized would save the hostages, defeat Cygron, and bring order back to the Dragmite Empire.


Dragma is much older than Earth. It has been around for 4.4 billion years, and started out as an ocean world. The planet also developed chemicals that allowed the evolving animals to get smarter. As a result, life in the seas had evolved rapidly, and the Braanx evolved. Over the mext few millennia, the Braanx became the planet's most intelligent race. They ruled their underwater world and developed an oracle named Chazona, which they served in exchange for knowledge. But soon, an asteroid strike not only apparently wiped out the Braanx, but it also caused global cooling and most of the sea disappeared, and continents began to form. The corals, the animal-like plants, and the life that flourished in these seas were forced to adapt to the disappearing water, and they evolved into the alien jungles known today.

2 million years later, a race of basic insectoid colonies which were unique for their sufficient hunting, construction, and ant-like intelligence had evolved and named themselves the Dragmites. But because they had little intelligence, and limited experience, they were repeatedly hunted by other Dragmaian insectoid predators, life was hard. They were at least lucky to survive 40% of the attacks. Back then, it was just 'eat or be eaten'. But then, a colony discovered Chazona's relic, which had been buried underground since the asteroid strike that wiped out the Braanx. They were able to summon Chazona, and learn how to use her as well as how her last masters did after learning about their history. Using Chazona's knowledge, the Dragmites grew to higher-grade intelligence, but because they've been around longer than humans, they were hundreds of years more advanced to this day. They advanced at the exact same rate as humans did with the aid of Chazona, who knows about the past, present, and future, and she knew that a good race would be grand if they evolved the same way a destined race like the humans did. In exchange for their loyalty, Chazona gave them the gifts of speech, domestication, medicine, electricity, weaponry, even space-travel. By 1948, the Dragmites had been as intelligent as the Braanx. They have even been through over 306 wars throughout their history, and even the stupidest of their kind could memorize all of them.

In 1978, when Emperor Cygron and Empress Cengrus took power over the prime city of Dragma: Braanx Prime City, they decided that they wanted to expand their empire onto other planets. They knew that they weren't allowed to do this without taking consent from Chazona because it violated their eternal deal with her. When they took it up with her, she brought up a terrible future where the Dragmites were getting too intelligent, and that would bring the risk of other races out there wanting to take advantage of them. But of all the aliens out there, they were then evenly matched with one certain race that will perceive them as a threat, and attempt to destroy them. So, all attempts to colonize other worlds were cancelled to prevent this future from coming true. Despite this, Chazona knew that no matter how hard they would try, the future has, and always will be, unavoidable. Cygron refused to believe this, and tried to isolate the entire race from the UUniverses. Despite this, they find an unidentified spacecraft crashing onto Dragma with only one survivor on it: a Galactic Federation officer named Vrank. Despite Cygron's warnings about their forewarning, the people decide to let Vrank stay. Vrank reveals that the Galactic Federation needed some immediate classification of Dragma, which was just recently discovered. They needed classification of it's biosphere, atmosphere, geology, intelligent lifeforms, and most importantly, their safety.

For the remainder of Vrank's stay and study, he told them about the world outside their planet, and about it's entire history. But when Cygron finds out about Vrank's stories, he ordered Vrank to be banished immediately despite everyone's pleas. His cruel behavior had left the people to feel horrible for how he treated Vrank, especially Cengrus, who said that Cygron was not taking his position as Emperor seriously, but he reminded her of their forewarning, and that he must do what he could to protect his race. However, neither of them realised, not even Chazona before it was too late, that Vrank was actselly what the Dragmites needed to avoid the horrorable future, and Cygron just stupidly chased him off like a jackass not realising it! He knew that now, the Dragmites know too much, and orders a planetary defense system installed. But it was already too late. Dragma was invaded by hostile spaceships that revealed themselves as the 'Grox', which had declared the Dragmites as a threat to their existence, and simply had to be destroyed. Apparently, the Grox had thought that this race would become a part of the Galactic Feds, which was already proving to be a problem for them, and needed it destroyed to avoid problems. Cygron did what he could to protect the planet, but he ends up getting mortally wounded in the process. Cengrus ordered an immediate evacuation to the underground catacombs of their forts, and only 9,531 Dragmites survived the attack. None of their defenses could save them. All forts were destroyed, every mound and city on the planet was eradicated. The Grox departed upon having eradicated all monuments and civilizations. Cengrus was lucky enough to save Cygron's body from the attack, but most of his body parts were blown off, and he was horribly disfigured.

The Dragmites spent 5 months underground prior to the attack, and upon resurfacing, they found that everything they knew was gone. Their homes, their civilizations, their monuments, their belongings, everything. The royal guards weren't able to find some regenerative healing medicines to repair Cygron's body, so they had to heal him with cybernetics. Upon discovering that all civilization was destroyed, and that it was Cygron's own fault that he chased away Vrank who Chazona reveiled was ironicly the thing needed to stop the previously unavoidable future, Cygron was fueled with rage. From then on, he swore to one day destroy the Grox, and claim their Empire. Chazona's relic survived the attack, and even with her grand knowledge, the Dragmites were unable to rebuild what they lost. Their best hope was to rebuild forts, scout wastelands for resources, and steal technology from others, which the last thing was very controversial even for Cygron. They did this by kidnapping other-worldly beings who entered their sector, and kept them locked up in underground sanctuaries that were one of the many things that survived the Grox attack. Anyone who ventured into the Dragmites' territory were officially Dragmite property. None of the people who landed were allowed to leave. When Cengrus was disappointed at what a monster Cygron had become, Chazona gave her hope by foretelling that if Cygron continued this pursuit, he would be defeated by an army of animals with a comet of metal and flames. But despite having been right before, Cygron refuses to believe her, due to the late prediction that ironicly made him look right that the future was preventable, if not in the way he picked, and becomes a ruthless tyrant monster who pushes people around and wants to protect his kind by actually putting them in danger through an inevitable war, which he believes will be their last. He will even kill any prisoner who escapes the sanctuary to prevent this future from coming true. Even Vrank comes back to show sympathy and to warn him that this path of vengeance is not worth taking as it has been known to end disasterously, not to mention that the activites Cygron was doing was considered illegal to the Galactic Federation and repercussions will follow upon failure to heed, but Cygron throws him into the sanctuary like all the others. This tyrannical rule lasts for over 20 straight years, and the prisoners are still stuck in there. Even they are aware the Dragmites' tragedy, so no great hatred exists, (though Cygron is very unpopular to them), as well as the future concerning these heroic misfits, and know that hope will rise.

Civilizations and Environment

Dragma World Map

Dragma World Map

Dragma is a planet which is much different than Earth. While it does have a breathable atmosphere, it's air is much less denser than on Earth. Also, because it has a smaller size, it has 30% weaker gravity. These two things can not only increase physical strength and jumping height by 20%, but they can have a few adverse effects. The denser air means a small force acts on an object in movement. Winds here are stronger than Earth winds because of it, so the flora on Dragma are heavily-built to resist them. Any normal Earth plant on Dragma would be torn apart by this wind. Nevertheless, the weaker gravity can allow easier combat, but the denser air and smaller air friction make it harder for running away from a carnivore. Only creatures that have adapted on this planet can run fast enough to pull this off.

The Grox may've destroyed the civilizations, but they were specifically ordered not to destroy the rest of the world. The jungles and wildlife still remain alive and well. The rest of Dragma is a jungle paradise filled with thousands of insectoids and various forms of flora. They include alien fungi, alien land coral, and animal-like plants. The fungi can come in many alien-like forms. Some can be the size of a tree, others can be smaller. Fungi on Dragma are known to form their own vine-like structures on the plants. The corals are what is left to remind people that live here that Dragma used to be an ocean world, and have adapted to live on land. Some can be carnivorous, some can get food from the pollinating creatures of Dragma. The plants of Dragma are known to be similar to animals since they have their own circulatory systems. Some can feed on sunlight, meat, fungi, and so on. Fauna of Dragma consists entirely of insects or crustaceans that can come in various shapes and sizes. They are either herbivorous, carnivorous, or omnivorous. Some of the wildlife on Dragma include:

  • Entrine- Dog-like termites that are big enough to be rode on by Dragmite Soldiers, but not Dragmite Mercenaries since they're too big. These creatures are able to run vast distances and they are very intelligent with their yellow-glowing brains.
  • Entrinax- A larger breed of Entrine which is much more adapted to serving their masters, and is big enough for the Dragmite Mercenaries to ride.
  • Placide- A large centipede-like semi-aquatic swamp creatures which is domesticated by the Dragmites for it's milk and eggs. Their poisons are also harnessed either for accidental poisoning or as a biological weapon. The venom can cause blood-poisoning, neurological stress, and even death. Their eggs and milk are perfectly edible. They are spiked 15ft-long creatures with hairy backs, glowing yellow brains, venomous mouth pincers, and over 50 legs.
  • Morgue- An ostrich-like insectoid which is domesticated for it's qualities for riding and it's nutritious eggs. They are not the most perfect creatures for riding on in the military, but Dragmite Workers can ride them. They are noted for their red-glowing brains, their beak-like mouths, their incredible balance, and their cassowary-like foot claws.
  • Dudgeon- A massive scorpion-like insectoid beast which is often used in gladiator matches or for executions. They have been known to be one of the predators that the Dragmites fought against during their primitive days. They domesticated this creature for it. It's noted for it's 12 spider-like legs, their Xenomorph-like rattling scorpion tails which inject a deadly toxin that can cause fatal blood-poisoning and was used as a whip, their yellow-glowing brains, their glue-shooting nozzles, their quick reflexes, and their massive size.
  • Battack- A flying pterosaur-like insectoid which was known to be another one of the monsters that fed on the Dragmites during their primitive days. But they eventually learned to domesticate it and use it for aerial scouting and attacking. Their 4 colorful wings are retractable and the creature can shoot acid at it's quarry from miles in the air with it's telescopic vision. It's also noted for it's green-glowing head, it's 6 eyes, it's retractable spiked tongue, it's massive size, and it's 8 legs.
  • Gargaenthe- The biggest insectoid carnivore on Dragma. They are gorilla-like behemoths the size of King Kong, and had also been one of the many creatures that feasted on the Dragmites in their primitive years. They are agile creatures that stand on 10 spider-like legs, have a gorilla-like body, a yellow-glowing head, 10 eyes, venomous incisors, retractable frills, and bioluminescent chests. Like gorillas, they have been noted to use tools. The Dragmites have been trying to learn how to domesticate these creatures for their size, but they have constantly failed, only known to have been domesticated once by a deceased Dragmite genius.
  • Tharmuth- A large mammoth-sized lobster-like crustacean which is herbivorous and is considered good for game hunting for it's fast-running speed and it's difficulty to take down. They are easily-maddening species that even the Dragmites preferred to avoid. They have spined backs, armored hides, yellow-glowing brains, venomous stinging tentacles on it's face, 8 eyes, 6 running legs, and a crusty tail.
  • Azir- An ant-like eusocial insectoid which is omnivorous and known for stealing food from other insectoids with their massive numbers and their paralyzing venom. The workers help build and support the creatures' massive anthills and collect leftover food while the soldiers defend the anthill and steal food with their venom and claws. The queen rules all of them and gives birth to 500 individuals a year with her massive glowing yellow abdomen. These creatures have 6 legs, yellow (worker/queen) and red (soldier) glowing brains, an impressive jumping height, 4 eyes, and venomous incisors (soldier).
  • Fevus- A kind of wasp-like insectoid which is an aggressive species that only eats either it's own honey or nectar. It has two storage sacks that store nectar for both the hive and for nourishment. Though the workers are not as lethal since they don't have stingers, the soldiers are very dangerous as their stingers contain venom that can cause serious nerve stress. The queen is just as dangerous as it's venom is meant for killing, defending it from an invading rival hive. These creatures have orange glowing brains, 4 large effervescent wings, poisonous stingers (soldiers and queen), and can work in massive swarms.
  • Reesk- A pillbug-like centipede insectoid which is known for it's armored back that it can use once it's curled itself into a ball like a hedgehog, protecting it from danger. These creatures are gentle herbivores and are sometimes kept as exotic pets. They have red glowing brains, many legs, and an armored back.

Civilization on Dragma is not very common anymore since the Grox attacks. All surface cities of Dragma have been eradicated, and today, Dragmites scout the ruins of the cities for resources such as food, water, machines, medicine, and a few others. However, spaceships still exist for the Dragmites, so they are capable of traveling off-planet. Dragmites have been off-planet and travelled on other worlds before. But a problem is that, given that they lived on a planet with denser air and weaker gravity, they aren't used to worlds with gravity like Earth's without proper training. The only remaining civilization can be found underground which the Grox attacks couldn't reach. Dragmites have access to different kinds of medicines such as regeneration creams, viral cures, nanomedicines, and virotherapy serums. They even developed prosthetic technologies. Their displays are all ferro-liquid, the architecture is like a high-tech version of Antz ant city, electricity is provided by the entire building's wired conductive metals on the walls, and the flows through the walls by wired conductive metal plates that connect through underground cables from underground power generators. Dragmites don't use vehicles, but the many insectoids that they managed to domesticate. Dragmites have also had sanctuaries underground which they once used for agriculture, but they now mainly use them for keeping their captured prisoners from leaving. The sanctuaries contain hundreds of fauna and flora, and can span more than 2 miles across.



  • Gzimlin Valley
  • Loolick Mountains
  • Vordqlis Wastelands
  • Gaphlike Wastelands
  • Zalabin- Capital City Ruins
  • LPS-01- Capital Underground City


  • Zoron Mountains
  • Zoron Valley
  • Iphilis Wastelands
  • Tungru Mountains
  • Braanx Prime City- World Capital City Ruins
  • New Braanx Prime- World Capital Underground City


  • Laphrite Mountains
  • Cabalkis Continental Arm
  • Xalpoan Wastelands
  • Yimbli Valley
  • Urklis- Capital City Ruins
  • BPS-01- Capital Underground City


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