Dragon Temple

The Dragon Guardian Temple is a place in the Dragon Realms where the Dragon Elders train and take care of young dragons, only appearing in The Legend of Spyro series. Inside there is a room called the Grotto with a magical pool of water known as the Pool of Visions, in which certain dragons such as Ignitus, can see visions, such as the dreams, thoughts, and memories of other people and to see what is happening in places far from theirs. In the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Series, it serves as the hideout of the Shell Lodge Squad.

PTE Redux Conditions: Unfortunately, after the reconstruction of the Dragon Realms in PTE, the Dragon Temple will be portrayed as forbidden ruins, and many excuses exist for the purpose of warning people not to go there.


An ancient structure of great importance, the Dragon Temple has survived the test of time and is still filled with spells and enchantments to ensure its protection. These, however, prove to be inadequate at times. The temple has suffered its share of ape attacks, wearing the beautiful sandstone and rock-carved statues down to missing chunks and spiderweb cracks. It hasn't had a decent dusting in a while, so anyone with indoor sinuses might want to steer clear. It is home to the four Elemental Guardians, Ignitus, Volteer, Cyril, and Terrador, and is often used as a training ground for young heroes.


The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning

Sometime after the war between the Malefor and the Dragons, the Dragon Temple was overtaken by Dark Cynder's apes, but was reclaimed when Spyro eventually drove them out, accompanied by Ignitus and Sparx. It served as a shelter and home to the Guardians, and eventually Spyro and Sparx. Also, in the prologue of the game, the eggs were in the Grotto with the Pool of Visions.

The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night

The Dragon Temple appears again as the current home for the Guardians, Spyro, and Sparx, and also a temporary shelter for Cynder before she left, blaming herself for what happened when she was under the Dark Master's control. The temple was then under attack, and Spyro battled his way through the grounds of the temple to get back to the Guardians. After driving off the forces of the Ape King, Gaul, the Dragon Temple was damaged during the surprise attack and wasn't seen again in the game after Ignitus sends Spyro off to the Ancient Grove, where the Chronicler is supposedly hiding.

The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

During the three years before the events of the third game, the Guardians lost their hold on the Dragon Temple while fending against Malefor, who then raised the temple above the volcano as a symbol of his dominance, earning it's name as Malefor's Lair. It was later destroyed when the Destroyer broke the world apart in a torrent of fire during the final battle between Spyro, Cynder and Malefor.

Role in the series

The Dragon Temple, now rebuilt by the Dragon Guardians with help from the UUniversal settlers that helped rebuild the Dragon Realms, serves as HQ to the Shell Lodge Squad since Bikini Bottom was far too easy to find (Not to mention they had little to no access to magic at that time to allow the air-breathers to breath underwater), but thankfully is under world protection of the Dragon Guardians. It can also house those in most need of protection like Kairi, or those declared wanted by the Villain League such as Timon's family or the Human Fagin. It's rebuilding have allowed it to be fitted with modern-day accommodations such as electrical power and a security system. It also has a forbidden basement that contains a vast collection of powerful, and sometimes dangerous, artifacts, talismans, items of power, and even some form of Darkspawn artifacts that aren't already taken to a museum dedicated to them (at a certain time before it was founded). The Chronicles series shows that there is several episodes about some of those artifacts ending up being brought back to light once again, and the Lodgers have to occasionally deal with it.

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