The Dragon Realms

The Dragon Realms is the homeworld of Modern Spyro, Cynder, Sparx, Malefor, Gaul, Dark Cynder, Chronicler, and the Dragon Guardians. It is a sister-twin world of the Original Spyro world with Red the Evil Dragon, the Sorceress, Ripto, and Gnasty Gnorc, and the Old Spyro. This world plays a major role as the home of the Dragon Guardian Temple, the hideout and home of the Shell Lodge Squad, Kairi, and a few others. It is a world where the dominant species is dragons, which come in several breeds that each use a potential magic breath. It was once a medieval fantasy world until the damage done by Malefor left it to undergo reconstruction for years with the help of Spyro, Cynder, and their allies. Though even with their power, and with the Second Cartoonian War in it's prime following the corruption of Cynder and the disappearance of Spyro and Sparx, it was starting to become difficult. However, things changed following the war's end when UUniversal settlers and explorers arrived during the UUniversal Crusades to aid them. Now, the Dragon Realms has become similar to Earth. There are major Earth cities like New York City, Rome, Paris, Tokyo, and Las Vegas, and even old cities were rebuilt. This may've proved the theories of the Great Cleansing since it indeed created a new world after issuing destruction, technically meaning that Malefor won, but not in the way he thought. Places like Warfang, the Valley of Avalar, the White Isle, the Catacombs, and Twilight Falls have either been reformed thanks to Spyro following Malefor's defeat or rebuilt by UUniversal settlers. 21st Century modernization had become common in the Dragon Realms as well. While the world still remained dominated by dragons, the settlers began living there as a reward for helping rebuild civilization.


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(Map coming soon...) The map of the Dragon Realms is like that of Earth, except it has a different but similar appearance. The continents have nearly-similar shapes, and there are much different islands than Earth. The Pacific Ocean has much more islands in it, there are islands on the North Pole that are too inhospitable for colonizing. There are also several flying islands and volcanic wastelands that are the result of the devastation of the attempted Great Cleansing.

Prime Locations

The prime locations of the Dragon Realms, known in the games, since Malefor split the world apart, now occupies certain areas in what one would recognize as the Northeast-Eastern United States. These locations are still recognizable even after the world's reconstruction.

  • Dragon Guardian Temple- The Dragon Temple is the home temple of the Dragon Guardians that was thankfully preserved during Malefor's second reign. It now rests somewhere in the swamps near DR New York and serves as the home of the Shell Lodge Squad.
  • Warfang- A city that Spyro and Cynder protected during Malefor's second reign and was partially destroyed by the Earth Golem. It was almost destroyed during Malefor's Great Cleansing attempt, yet was preserved, and rebuilt in DR New Jersey just south of the neighboring New York City, possibly neighboring Hoboken. It's reconstruction with help from UUniversal settlers gave it modern-day architecture and technology, and even a stronger military. It now houses several monuments such as a massive arena severel acres long, and the now-famous Power Tower, a great Lord of the Rings-like tower that provides all of the power in the Dragon Realms, in thanks to the Lightning Dragon genius Professor Asland Zappington.
  • Valley of Avalar- The homeland of Hunter (Legend of Spyro variant) and his tribe. This valley had split apart during Malefor's Great Cleansing attempt, and was thankfully restored and now rests somewhere in DR Pennsylvania.
  • Twilight Falls- This area was known to be a beautiful landmark before it's destruction during Malefor's Great Cleansing attempt. It was eventually restored by Spyro, and now it resides somewhere in upper DR Virginia.
  • White Isle- The home of the Chronicler which was lifted from it's place during Malefor's Great Cleansing attempt until it was rested somewhere across the Dragon Realms Manhattan.
  • Convexity- A magical realm which was the banishment site of Malefor, and had constant anomalies that allowed passage into the Banished Realms, making it restricted by the High Council.
  • Catacombs- The place where Spyro and Cynder first escaped the Earth Golem. These underground tunnels were, for an unknown reason, preserved even after Malefor tore the world apart. It now resides far in DR Kentucky, and remains a national monument.
  • Dragon Dam- A dam that Spyro and Cynder intended to use to slow the progress of the Destroyer with no success. It was preserved and restored by Spyro, and is now in the exact location of, and filling the job of, the Croton Dam, bordering the Croton River and the Hudson.
  • Boyzitbig- An unstable volcano where a mole friend of Spyro used to live and where he first discovered how to use his earth ability. When Malefor broke up the world, this volcano suffered massive and powerful tectonic chaos, and now it is a normal volcano which hasn't erupted once since the Dragon Realms was restored. It rests somewhere in DR Georgia now.

Other Locations

Certain details of the Dragon Realms have been left unspecified due to the end of the Legend of Spyro saga. Some of these lands are based off of those of the original series, also being affected by the reign of Malefor, and is not part of the prime area of the Dragon Realms.

  • Dante's Freezer- A snowy area located far in Northern Canada, still a fair distance away from the Dragon Temple. It is where Spyro first discovered his electric ability, and it's where he rescued Volteer. Ever since Malefor's reign, it is now a restricted area since it is still under the command of the evil Ice King (Legend of Spyro). It is also, oddly enough, where frozen prehistoric creatures from the Dragon Realms' prehistoric days can be discovered, which are surprisingly kept alive by magic snow.
    • Ice King's Fortress- The home of the evil Ice King who remained in his territory following Spyro defeating him. This place remains a restricted area.
    • Dante's Glacier- A glacier which is known for containing preserved forms of prehistoric life from long ago, keeping them alive through the location's massive amounts of magic-rich snow. This is where Tiki and Bloodjaw were found.
  • Kangaroo Hoodoos- The Legend of Spyro variant of the Kangaroo Hoodoos in the original games, located all the way in DR Australia in the New South Wales. It's populated mostly of kangaroos who have a semi-technological society, consisting of modern-day architecture, yet a tribal community. These lands were split apart following Malefor's reign, yet was re-forged into a semi-mountainous land. Following the arrival of UUniversal settlers, some kangaroos here have gained a modern-day society and built cities like DR Sydney.
    • Sunrise Springs- The Legend of Spyro version of the Sunrise Spring which is a beautiful valley and park for the kangaroos. Containing the biggest bodies of water in the Hoodoos, serving as swimming holes, sights for cascading waterfalls, and several billabongs. A few kangaroos do live here, as well as several Aboriginal kangaroo tribes.
    • Sunny Villa- The largest metropolitan city for the kangaroos besides Sydney, and the Legend of Spyro variant of the one in the original games. It has the same basic architecture as Warfang, and has the same modern-day technology as Warfang. It was briefly torn apart and rebuilt following Malefor's reign.
    • Molto Crater- The Legend of Spyro version of the Molten Crater. This lava-filled valley is known to house the Tiki Lodge, a local pub. The community is known to rest inside the crater itself, which was formed as the result of Malefor's reign causing a large boulder of debris to slam into the area.
    • Seashell Shores- A whole open beach area populated by seals, and the Legend of Spyro variant of the original place. It is the main border between the DR Great Barrier Reef, and the seals there worship the great sea dragons that are said to dwell here during the full moon and protect straggling seals from dangerous sharks.
  • Banana Savannah- The Legends of Spyro variant of the Banana Savannah in the original games, located in the Congo of DR Africa. Populated entirely by primates of all kinds, it is an agricultural settlement and supplies all of Africa with it's food supplies, particularly bananas. This land wasn't affected that much by Malefor's reign, and the lava flows only made the ground more rich in sediment, making the growing plants grow bigger than normal, and therefore accelerating the agricultural industry the primates had. This place is well-known for having bananas as it's main currency.
    • Banana Palace- A large palace located in Charmed Ridge. This is where the ruler of the Banana Savannah lives and commands the land.
    • Charmed Ridge- The capital city of the Banana Savannah based on the original Charmed Ridge of the original games. It is the second most populous city in the Banana Savannah.
    • Evening Lake- A large lake which occupies a certain area near the Congo River. It is where several island outposts watched out for ape invasions that usually came to steal their crops. It is the LOS version of the original place.
  • Byrd Lands- A land in the DR version of Antarctica, which is a land populated entirely of penguins that was founded by the Legend of Spyro version of Byrd, who instead of a military sergeant, was a military explorer and expeditionary who helped defend this land from an ape invasion. Now dead, his legacy still exists in the military bases surrounding the entire territory, now obtaining modern-day military technology and weapons from the UUniversal settlers.
    • Byrd Memorial Grounds- A historical landmark and the burial place of LOS Byrd. This is a sacred spot where penguins everywhere go to every December to mourn the loss of their founder and hero.
    • Great Ice Wall- A large heavily-built wall to protect from invaders coming from across the frozen seas. It acts as both a protective wall and as a water reservoir.
    • Crystal Islands- A city built over a massive complex of islands, and is based off of the original land in the games. With monuments made entirely of ice crystals and diamonds, this is the most populous city in the Byrd Lands.
  • Rabbit Catacombs- An underground complex of tunnels and monuments that were built by several magical rabbit sages, located in DR Canada. These rabbits lived down here for several years to avoid the oppression brought on by the ape armies. This is the Legend of Spyro version of the Rabbit Habitat, and just like it's inhabitants, they're experts in magic. As of this day, the rabbits are still fearful of going back to the surface.
  • Rhyngolia- A land in DR Asia that's populated by the Legend of Spyro version of Rhynocs. In this version, the Rhynocs are a peaceful militaristic race whose been in constant wars with the apes, and their home was reduced to flying soil platforms following Malefor's reign. These creatures may be peaceful, but when they are angry, they are dangerous.
    • Rynoc City- The capital city of Rhyngolia. This land was built on an island over a lake, and it is where the Rhynoc government is headed.
    • Mystic Marsh- A series of marshlands based on the original land in the original games. This is a marsh populated by many monsters that are often times hostile.
    • Lava Canyon- A lava-filled canyon which was once a complex of catacombs until it was ruined when Malefor tore the world apart. It is now a national landmark to all Rhynoc kind. Based on the Canyon Speedway in the original Spyro games.
  • Fairy Rainforest- A land in the DR Amazon which is the Legend of Spyro version of the Fairy Realms. The fairies here are masters of magic, and have great beliefs, as well as being allies to the Dragons. They are experts in knowledge, sciences, and magic, and have proven to defend themselves easily from the apes, and have even learned how to keep their lands together when Malefor began tearing up the world.
    • Fairy Library- A massive tower which is said to be the main source of fairy information and knowledge. Based on the location of the same name in the original games.
    • Mermaid Coast- A coast bordering the Amazon River, based on the location of the same name from the original games, being named after the beautiful mermaids that appear every eclipse.
    • Honey Marsh- A land populated by a tribe of pollinating fairies who provide honey for the fairies across the Fairy Rainforest. Based on the location of the same name in the original games.
    • Roman City- A massive city and the most populous in the Fairy Rainforest. It consists of large trees which house treehouses for the fairies, as well as a ground surface for fairies to plant crops and raise their small livestock. Based on the location of the same name in the original games.
    • Star Park- A large open space for fairies to go and display themselves to the many visitors of the park. This is how the dragons interact with these precious beings and keep on their progress as the fairies remain anonymous unless these visitors go to their homes.
  • Thief Underworld- Underground catacombs hidden in DR France, populated by thieves that are similar to those of the original Spyro thieves which were extremely fast runners that only a charge can allow you to catch them. The thieves in these catacombs own a successful criminal underworld that the Dragon Realms Interpol constantly has to deal with. These thieves are so skilled, their syndicate has remained hidden for over a hundred years.
  • Yeti Mountains- The DR version of the Himalayas, occupying it's exact spot, and having a mountain called Mt. Vitruvius, which was much higher than Mt. Everest, which was only the second tallest on this world. It is a land mainly populated by Yeti, and is also the Legend of Spyro version of the Yeti Serengeti. The Yetis are semi-intelligent beings with the same intelligence and curiosity of Bigfoot from A Goofy Movie, yet are capable of limited speech, and are only hostile when provoked.
    • Mount Vitruvius- The tallest mountain in the Yeti Mountains. Said to contain ancient tunnels built by ancient semi-intelligent Yeti. It has a height of up to 30,568ft in height, taller than Mt. Everest, which neighbors Vitruvius.
    • Yeti Caves- A massive complex of crystal caves that is where several Yeti across the mountains originate. This place is strict for explorers because it's said that nobody has ever went in there for the rest of the day and lived.

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