Dragutha XIV

Dragutha XIV is an ancient war machine that resided in the Land of Dragons, AKA Disney China. It was created long before the First Cartoonian War by the treacherous leader of his own race of mini dragons who ruled the Land of Dragons, which was once called "Chi-Na", which are actually the ancestors of Mushu. This leader, named Kung-Pow, had intended to have this machine reshape the world in his image until he was stopped by an unknown hero who Mushu descended from, and banished into a mountain in the Tung Shao Pass, where it was never unearthed until the Makuta discovered it and the aged Kung-Pow, and bonded his consciousness into the machine, where he was gained all it's power. But he was eventually stopped and locked away in the mountain again by the High Council before he could even get out and be known, where he still remained until he would be unearthed again. Dragutha is noted for it's ability to fly, and it's ability to turn it's victims into silver statues.


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