The Main Drainer
Vital statistics
Title The Main Drainer
Gender Male
Race/Species Outer God (Eraser)
Faction Independent
Description Sadistic, Murderous, Monstrous, Destructive, Taciturn, Dark Amorality by Design
Skills and Abilities Size And Natural Strength, Destructive Powers, Reality-Warping Capabilities
Status Deceased
Location Outside Universal Boundaries (Homeworld)
Alignment Rebellious Evil/Amoral
Drainthus, AKA The Main Drainer, is a dark creature of Amoral One origin, which has many names, but most often are called Erasers, that seeks the Main Drain, the secret drain that drains the entire ocean from the earth in the world of SpongeBob. Created by The Grand Designer as part of a grand plan to end this world and test the capabilities of it's inhabitants' defending instinct and test their usefulness in his main reason for creating the UUniverses. He created Drainthus to make it so, and he in turn created The Main Drain within a Temple in Point Nemo (The oceanic point of inaccessibility) to make it possible, and after being thwarted by a clownfish named Commodore Nemo, he tried again by cheating: making the nonsensical events of The Main Drain to make them idiotically pull it, until it was reversed immediately into a bedtime story by Bubbles the Dolphin. However, as time went by, and by it's final judgment, of which is it's third and final trial, it was told to try it's best or it will be nullified. Ultimately realizing it's purpose as cannon fodder, Drainthus started to rebel for 'a right to life', and aims to do more than fulfill his intended purpose once he unearths himself, and seeks the Main Drain. Though a total monster, he is philosophical yet taciturn, and it's unredeemable nature is part of being designed to be a world ender so it avoids being unprofessional and/or easily lead astray by morality and how the culture functions so a Grand Design isn't disrupted. With this in mind, Drainthus knows how to show he is not joking around here, even when among the presence of morons. Though Drainthus can't physically speak, he can communicate through telepathic connecions.


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