Drake Dirk Dragonia
Vital statistics
Title Devil Drake, Drake the Devil, Devil's Temper
Gender Male
Race/Species Asian water monitor (Varanus salvator)
Faction Clasher Clan
Description Anger Issues, Violent Temper, Tough, Clever, Manipulative
Skills and Abilities Natural Species Abilities, Clever Thieving Skills, Unique Brawling Skill, Alcohol Used As A Weapon
Status Still at Large
Location Sly Cooper's World
Alignment Evil

Drake D. Dragonia is an Asian water monitor from Sly Cooper's world who, despite having little muscle, he makes up for it by having a hot temper 'worthy of the Devil' that makes him fight with all muscle he does have. He commonly wields his own alcohol as a weapon in dozens of different ways. Starting out as an abusive father who killed his family by accident, the authorities' apparent lack of forgiveness made him believe that they only cared for the law and nothing else, causing him to become a criminal. He later became among the ranks of the Clasher Clan, aiding in them to make master thefts, and have been waiting to get back at the Cooper Clan since one of their family members were in their ranks. He is like El Diablo in Suicide Squad, but his lack of fire powers is made up for by a fiery temper.


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