Vital statistics
Title Drakezar the Dark Foreboding
Gender Male
Race/Species Scarlet/Red Dragon
Faction The Foreboding Clan
Description Strong, Sadistic, Black Sheep, Envious, Mean, Moronic, Judgmental, Overconfident, Incompetent
Skills and Abilities Natural Dragon Abilities, High-Level Elemental Abilities, Dark Magic
Status Still at Large
Location Dragon Realms
Alignment Pure Evil

Drakezar the Dark Foreboding is the 3rd offspring of Frozon the Dark Foreboding, however the less graceful and prefered of the Foreboding siblings. In fact, Grozar was the lone prefered child of Frozon, with Narzilda liked, but not in the family business due to gender issues, and Drakezar is considered a black sheep. why? Well, he's fairly powerful, and can be cunning... the problem is, he can be somewhat of an overcomident moronic douch, like how he underestimated a hero midget, and got his butt kicked hard! Reguardless, he has enough somewhat fond memories of his siblings that when he returns, he'll sought to punish those who wronged the family name Dark Foreboding. His imitiming gaze is ruined by Sunglasses and one tough guy glove, though it actselly helps in making him charasmatic cause the Dark Foreboding's trademark eyes are obscured from an easily imtimidateable public and for as long he doesn't louse it up, he can get them to do what he saids no matter what. Unlike his far superior siblings, he is incapable of flight thanks to his very bad encouter with the Midget hero, but makes up for it with magical teleporting thanks to his make-shift staff.


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