Drauma Reverstrong
Vital statistics
Title Commander Drauma, Commander Drama
Gender Female
Race/Species Equestrian Moon Nyx
Faction Nyx Moon Kingdom (Formerly), The Torment King (Currently)
Description Tormented, Bumbling and Comical, Yet Unrestrained, Mean, Brutal, And Strong
Skills and Abilities Natural Subconscious Abilities, Dream Manipulation, Acrobatic, Magic Weaponry And Skills
Status Still at Large
Location Equestrian Moon
  • Nyx Kingdom, Aradia (Homeland)
Alignment Corrupted Evil
Drauma Reverstrong is an Equestrian Nyx from the world's moon. Hailing from the land of Aradia in the Nyx Kingdom, as their kind were capable of shaping ponies' dreams into pleasant ones and away from nightmares. But she and her friends Somn, Nox, and Trist were one of the lucky yet unfortunate individuals to be spared of what Pitch Black and Nightmare Moon inflicted upon the Nyxes by turning them into more of their Nightmare Forces, as they travelled aimlessly across the uncharted lands of their moon until they met The Torment King, who found them in the snowy wastes of the moon where he used their inner torment to corrupt them into Dark Nyxes under his command, and have since been like both Grubber and Tempest Shadow combined. Drauma is the head of the four Nyx commanders as she has been their brains and strategy since before Nightmare Moon came and betrayed her friend Larry, who would be known as Shadowfright, as well as her brother Gaiman. Like her master, she has the ability to induce mental torment and fear in her opponents and is merciless and unhesitant when doing so. Though the Nyx of the comics are bipeds, Drauma is semi-quadrupedal because that's how her race copes with the increased gravity of Equestria.


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