Lord dread

Lord Dread

Lord Dread is a pteranadon, mutated into a clone of Scar in order to provide Cynder with her own dragon. Dread rips off every little aspect from Scar. Not only that, but Dread is also another Spore creation, cause he felt that the Carnotaurs seemed too primal to be the main villains, but allowed them to stay as one of the major villains (and his bodyguards) Even his original raptors are actually mutant clones of the hyenas, with the exception of Larry the raptor.

Dread appears as one of the main antagonists in SpongeBob and Friends Meet Dinosaur, where in he seeks to conquer the Nesting Grounds and enslave the herd with his raptor army and his mind corrupted Carnotaurs. As it turns out, Dread used to be named Pteranus, the alpha male of a tribe of Pterodactyls. The villain league, meanwhile, didn't think Dark Cynder wouldn't be the best empress unless she could at least show off the typical corruption powers that Lord Cobra and Malefor had given to her. Pteranus was a prime target for Dark Cynder's initiation ceremony due to the small, but great, darkness in his heart. So, she killed off his tribe, left him alive to kidnap him and place him inside a replica project tank, fed on his thirst for revenge, and mutated him with the powers of the SPORE corrupter and several clone DNA of Scar into the creature to turn him into Scar Dread, her newest 2nd-in-command of the Villain League during her reign. His dark magic was just a side effect of the corruption. But now with Cynder cured, it's possible that he's also out to capture her and restore her darkness on orders from Malefor and the Dark Spawn. he was destroyed in a similar manner to Scar because ScroopFan can't resist that kind of demise. However, due to being a member of the villain leage, it is possable he will soon be reserected.


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