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The Dream Eaters (ド リームイーター Dorīmu ītā?) are the new enemies in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. There are two types: ones that "eat dreams and plant nightmares", referred to as Nightmares, and ones that "eat nightmares", referred to as Spirits. Nomura has said that, not only are there many types of Dream Eaters (Square Enix revealed that you can recruit over 50 different types of Spirits)[1], but they can help provide Sora and Riku with abilities as well as aid in combat. Additionally, the colors of your party's Dream Eaters can be customized.[2] According to recently released information, the Dream Eaters are the form darkness takes in the sleeping worlds as Heartless and Nobodies cannot enter.


Dream Eaters, as stated, have two species—Spirits and Nightmares. They all seem to be animal-based, similar to some Heartless. Spirits are usually light-colored and have black eyes with various shaped pupils. Nightmares are usually darker in coloration, similar to a Heartless's palette, but their glowing eyes are red and get darker towards the center.


The Dream Eaters in your party will level up; this will be related to Sora's and Riku's own leveling. It is also possible to have multiple Dream Eaters in combat at the same time. The Dream Eaters do not approach anyone and consume dreams in the Realm of Sleep where there are no Heartless.

If Sora/Riku don't use the power of the Dream Eaters, they can't go to the other worlds. Wonder Meow is Sora's first Spirit, Bat Bat is Riku's, and Neko Cat appears to be the spirit that Neku gets. The player is also able to change the colors of the Dream Eaters.[2]

Role in the series

In the Spongebob series, the Dream Eaters are revealed to have been the creation of Fagin, who used the powers of sleep to transform people's dreams and nightmares into cute animals and terrifying beasts. They are currently being used by his spawn, Shadow Fagin, as mooks for the Villain League now that the Key of Sleep has been revealed.

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