Drej-model sm

A Drej foot soldier

The Drej are the evil alien antagonists of Titan A.E. They destroyed Earth because it was in their path of conquest and had to be rid of. The Drej queen's purpose is to get rid of the entire human race. They were all killed and defeated by Cale and Akima.

Drej queen

The Drej Queen

Currently, the Drej survivors as well as the resurrected Drej Queen have become soldiers to Emperor Zurg, taking the role of battle droids alongside the Hornets. They may be unofficial right now because, well, Scroopfan hardly remembers the movie, but how barely remember's it alittle now he seen the poster, but still unofittal cause simply clips are not in prosessions. In the meantime, the Drej Foot Soldiers have been upgraded to include the Drej Juggernaughts, larger and more ferocious monsters with upgraded weaponry created by the Brain Pods and Grub Scientists. it's interesting that teh Juggernuats bear resemablents to the new transformers characters (that for exsample looks like the newer transformers Stockwave, judgeing form the image).

A Drej Juggernaught

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