Droad Frili Winz
Droad Winz
Vital statistics
Title Windz, Skygirl, Ansceronian Zrix
Gender Female
Race/Species AUU Original Human
Faction Dr. Armalite Infernus (Formerly), Cybartans
Description Reborn A Rogue Cybernetic Soldier, Built-In Fused GravWing-10 Cyber-Prototype, Prosthetic Arms, Prosthetic Right Leg, Prosthetic Womb (Built by Bodar), Prosthetic Ribcage
Skills and Abilities Great Weapon Accuracy, Prosthetic Arms Grant Enhanced Strength, Prostetic Leg Grants Large Jumping Height, GravWing-10 Cyber Prototype Compliments Her Skill in an Ordinary GravWing-10 Hoverpack, Artificially Built to Resist G-Forces in Flight, Dual Handguns, Artificial Ribcage Grants Greater Stamina and Greater Resistance to Altitude Pressure
Status Alive and One of the Many Humans Still in the AUU
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Ansceron (Delta Universe, Hegedus Sector, Rixeon System) (Homeworld)
  • (Current Location Unknown)
Alignment Antiheroine

Droad F. Winz is an Alternate UUniversal Original human from Planet Ansceron. Joining the Ansceron Navy, she became the partner of Captain Bodar and helped him out from danger several times. But when they were both killed during the Exo-Wars, Dr. Armalite Infernus put them both back together after dosing them with Augmentation Serums. Droad was fitted with a cybernetic jet pack with adjustable wings, allowing her to be the aerial stealth soldier of the Cybartans. When they were forced to betray their master and turn him into the USRA, the Cybartans upgraded Droad's jet pack to go faster, and be equipped with anti-vehicle or anti-aircraft missiles which she can use to take down vehicles.


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