Drone 432
Drone 432
Vital statistics
Title N/A
Gender Genderless (Male Tone)
Race/Species Soldier-Class Warobot
Faction Count Mooku
Description Rough, Ruthless, Relentless
Skills and Abilities Robotic Abilities, Combat Mode, Arm Cannons, Limited Jet Flight
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Warobot Factory GC-662, Peerbon (Epsilon Universe, Essephemer Sector, Gigigi System) (Birthplace)
Alignment Evil

Drone 432 is a personalised drone of an outdated drone force series known as "Warobots" in the Villains act that serves Count Mooku, belonging to the Soldier class. The Drone series of this unit was funtional until the birth of the "Starbot" series that came forth and began to replace this drone series, declaring the drone series, outdated and unfit for continuation. Mooku was a member for a long time, and had a personalised drone when the series was still funtional and deemed useful. The Starbot series replaced the warobot series, leaving Mooku's personalised one the only one of it's kind. It has been mostly kept as a personal companian and bodyguard, and stayed loyal to him cause of programming, and even when Mooku was deemed "Crazy" for beliving in a planet that reportingly vanished. In the hayday of 432's brethern, the warobot series was the fear and nightmares of the Alternate universes, but the machines were limited to just being strictly warriors and were not very adaptable against even a small defence force, thus eventally lead to the eventuall replacement of warobots with the starbot series. 432 is incapable of lacking resentment or regret, but seems to be prone to question the capabilities of it's fellow companion, Companion 5627182987, and has a professional relationship with A3-Six0-P. He's capable of two forms. A unthreatening form, and a much more bulkier form, an imfamous trait of the Warobots. The Design is based on the Manbra creature of VexenSnake 9, the planet of the tribal "Man Cobras.".


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Drone 432 (Threatening verson)

Combat Mode

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  • "This unit lacks regret processors."
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