Duke Weaselton
Duke Weaselton
Vital statistics
Title Duke of Bootleg (According to Nick Wilde)
Gender Male
Race/Species Least weasel (Mustela nivalis)
Faction Bootlegger (Formerly), Shell Lodge Squad (To Watch Over Gazelle)
Description Crazy, Comical, Criminal, Greedy
Skills and Abilities Criminal Mind, Excellent Runner
Status Alive
Location Zootopia (Hometown)
Alignment Antihero

Duke Weaselton is a character in the 2016 Disney animated feature film Zootopia.

Role in the film.

On Judy's second day of parking duty, a shop owner informs Judy that someone stole something from his store. This gives Judy the opportunity to show her talent at being an actual police officer. Judy chases after the suspect, revealing himself to be Duke Weaselton. Needing to escape, Duke heads into Little Rodentia, successfully getting away with his duffel bag. Nevertheless, Judy continues the chase. After a brief getaway, Judy manages to hurl Duke backwards, making him lose his momentum. As Judy approaches him, Duke tells Judy "Have a donut, copper!," before kicking a donut sign towards her. Judy successfully dodges it, but it is now hurling towards a shrew who was crossing the road. Judy successfully saves the shrew from getting crushed, and uses the donut sign to capture Duke, and turning him in at the ZPD. Unfortunately, Chief Bogo isn't pleased with Judy, since he believed the items Duke stole were just moldy onions, helped little by the fact she caused a panic in Little Rodentia over the "onions". His irritation over the incident was so great that he blew up at her when Judy tried to correct him in the true nature of the stolen items as flower bulbs that her family uses on their farm.

Later in the film, Judy realizes that night howlers are a flower, and the flower contains a toxin, that, when hit or consumed by animals, it causes them to go savage. Realizing that person the Duke stole them for was likely using them deliberately on preadators, Judy and Nick confront Duke, who is selling bootlegged films to pedestrians. Judy and Nick demand answers for why he stole night howlers from the store. When he refuses to cooperate, the duo take Duke to Tundratown's most feared crime boss, Mr. Big, to interrogate him. On the verge of getting iced, Duke admits he was trying to give the night howlers to a ram named Doug for some money, the one thing Duke is unable to resist.

Duke was last seen attending Gazelle's performance at the end of the film dancing, then noticing some animal's money sticking out of their back pocket, stole it out of their pocket and then quietly danced away.

Role In the Series.

Duke will be reveiled to be a criminal out of helping a struggling family having to live in Little Rodentia cause of Weasel prejudice. Duke also turned out to have known Gazelle when she was a kid, back when Duke was alittle younger (By the age of a young adult), and talked her into helping him provide for his family in various things, mostly a counterfit Girl Scout cookie scam. Duke and Gazelle parted ways when she turned older, but they kept in touch. Duke keeps in touch even more when she became a celeberty, and always gives her moral advise and tells her to follow her heart. This shows that Duke has a good heart, though morally askewed cause of how he was forced to turn to crime to help his family. However, his kindness to someone other to himself and his family will earn him a position to change his life around.

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