Duke Horner
Duke the Caribou
Vital statistics
Title Captain Duke (Formerly)
Gender Male
Race/Species Porcupine caribou (Rangifer tarandus granti)
Faction Anti-Cold Heart the Sadistic Resistance
Description Missing Right Horn and Right Eye, Reckless, Crazy
Skills and Abilities Adequate Fighting Skills
Status Deceased
Location Rise of the Guardian World Canada
Alignment Antihero

Duke Horner is a rugged Canadian caribou who was the former leader of an Arctic resistance against Cold-Heart's tyranny in the Rise of the Guardians world. Since his parents froze to death during one of Cold-Heart's blizzards, Duke avenged them by leading a rebellion to end his attempt to put their world in an eternal Ice Age. One of his battles cost him his right antler, but because the spot was wounded, it would take many years for his horn to grow back. Duke's missing right antler served as a battle-scar and a mark of his courage against Cold-Heart's evil. While technically a hero, he's not that much better than Cold-heart in an extreme extent and allowed himself to get too aggressive that he lost his sense of better-judgement and gives over-kill punishments to Cold-Heart's snowmen, which makes him espeically awful since there may be more to them then just because they're creations of Cold-Heart. This is why he was quickly replaced by his adopted daughter Carrie the Caribou, and made second-in-command.


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