Icky and Iago's favorite TV show, Dummiez 101, which shows crash dummies being beaten to hell in many humorous ways, is getting closer to being cancelled. So Icky and Iago decide to do something about it. They go to Prox Studios in their new Ickmobile (Which they created for Icky-Iago episodes only) to find out why the show is getting cancelled, and they don't get a full explanation from the top-boss, Director Proxy, because the whole studio is running low on budget, and that their only solution is to air a new show, though Proxy has no idea what the new show should be about. But what they don't know is Mike Foulcheeserson is stealing money to lure Icky and Iago to the studio so he can finally get his hands on them, get a show he thinks is stupid and brainless off the air, and get Proxy to apporve his idea for an educational show called "Rob the Construction Worker". He locks Icky and Iago up in the Whammerz Chamber where they are tortured like the dummies they see on television. However, Mike fails to realize that Dummiez 101's top dummies, along with an army of other robot dummies, have decided to help our duo, and save what they were programmed for. Will they triumph?

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