Dynasty Battlecruiser

The Dynasty Battlecruiser

The Dynasty Battle Cruiser is an Alternate UUniversal space cruiser created by humans, Yatorans, Yuruns, and Ohrugans on Planet Xorizome in 1833, and is currently owned by the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council as a transport for cargo, personnel, relics, or important businessmen. It is the 5th space cruiser ever designed by human hands, and is run by an Ohrugan AI unit named Uiolor. It has an advanced design, and is powered by pure electricity. It sometimes serves as the Shell Lodge Squad's welcoming ship.


Near the beginning of the USRA, the humans had been making a project to create a form of transportation that was capable of transporting almost anything. Their first space cruiser, the Arrowhead, was able to transport over 1,000 people, and was built by not just humans, but by Naroudans (For their knack of creating successful spacecrafts) and Yuruns (For their ability to create inventions to many scales). It worked from 499-1013 when they decided to create a new version. Thus, in just one year, the Dracan was born. This version carried 2,000 people, had a lot of refurbishments, and had a much better design thanks to the help of several other races discovered.

In 1170, a year after the founding of Globex Industries, the Uamocles changed the history of the AUU as they knew it. It carried 5,000 people, had hangars and sanctuaries, and took only 9 months to build. But during a violent war, however, both the Arrowhead and the Dracan were destroyed. However, the Uamocles was the first space cruiser to have a functional AI defense system, leading to Globex making plans for a new version. In 2 years time, the Typhalla was created, having a similar design to the Uamocles and having similar functions and interior.

Then, in 1831, with the USRA discovering the Yatorans, they came up with the idea that with their help, they could make a much superior design. The Yatorans agreed, and 2 years later, the Dynasty was born. The space cruiser had a strong defense system, a very intelligent AI, had larger complexes, and had the most successful design of all time. The 3 space cruisers survived to this day. The Uamocles and Typhalla are being used as warfare crafts by the alien alliances, and the Dynasty is owned by the AUU Grand Council as their private carrier and battle cruiser, even aiding the Shell Lodge Squad during AUU travel. Another space cruiser was even made by the Yatorans called the Guardian Angel as another addition to the many battle cruisers.

Design and Interior

The Dynasty, due to being designed mostly by the Yatorans, which are highly-advanced beings, has an extremely complex design. It's hull is lined with electrical conductive lines, which not only allows maximum power for the machinery inside, but it's conductivity and small magnetic nodes allow the Dynasty to produce a deflector shield which can withstand a massive amount of damage from missiles and plasma blasts. The Dynasty has a G7 Jump Engine, which is a powered hyperdrive designed by the Yatorans to be the greatest advancement in lightspeed travel. It travels with 6 subatomic thrusters which provide fast propulsion.

The Dynasty contains dozens of rooms and chambers. It has about 4 floors, each accessible through 3 turbolifts. Each of these floors contain a variety of accommodations:

1st Floor

The 1st floor of the Dynasty is the 3rd largest floor. It contains a brig with over 100 laser cells, it has 200 passenger compartments, has a hovertrain subway system, a sanctuary called Terra-Ane, and the main control room.

2nd Floor

The 2nd floor of the Dynasty is the 2nd largest floor. It features 250 passenger compartments, a hovertrain subway system, contains medical bays, engineering stations, hangars for small space vehicles, has escape pod bays, a sanctuary called Terra-Bou, and a navigation room with a HoloMap Table and a Navicomputer.

3rd Floor

The 3rd floor of the Dynasty is the largest floor. It contains 300 passenger compartments, a hovertrain subway system, a briefing room, the bridge, 2 sanctuaries called Terra-Cho and Terra-Dax, a shopping mall, a spa, 5 swimming pools, some food establishments, and various entertainment centers.

4th Floor

The 4th floor of the Dynasty is the smallest floor. It contains only 20 passenger compartments, a sanctuary called Terra-Eus, has no hovertrain system, the power station for the Dynasty's AI, Uiolor, and has an armory.

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