Earthy Bevis Spirule
Earthy Spirule
Vital statistics
Title Lord Spirule, Lord Spiral, Spiruler, Master Earth, Master Bevis, The Great lord of the Volcano, Lord of the Caves, Father of the Under-Earth, The Celopod of Lava, Ram-Head.
Gender Male
Race/Species Ram's Horn Squid (Spirula spirula)
Faction Underground Society of Bikini Bottom Volcano
Description Overprotective, Ambitious, Strong-Willed, Heavily Strict and Penal, Determined, Bold, Very firm and stern.
Skills and Abilities Natural Species Abilities, Unique Command Skills, Stalagmite Spector with Red Pearl that malmitulates the earth (Shown in Concept Art)
Status Still Ruling.
Location Bikini Bottom Volcano
Alignment Strict And Protective Heroic Leader
Earthy B. Spirule is a wise Ram's Horn Squid who lives in an underground volcanic society that, despite being very prosperous and him being very kind and fair to the people of his kingdom, has a very controversial law: anyone who enters can never return to the surface again. The reason is because the volcano contains an ancient unstoppable crab/squid/shark/lava-like lobster-clawed extremophile beast of Cambrian origin called a Subterranodont, dubbed historically as Lalalavahot, that has almost escaped many times, and because of it's intelligent navigation, Earthy has declared that anyone who enters now makes their home in the underground civilization, forbidden to leave for the rest of their lives. However, because of the risk the monster poses, along with it's very existence extremely illogically and/or questionable, the reason is never explained, and he refuses to answer it and just pass all questions as a questioning of authority and have his marine worm forces (Which, in SpongeBob's world, is either sentient as people or unsentient as pets) with highly-skilled-and-trained attack worms and whelk steeds augmented with serums based on the same disease that created the Whelk Attack (Common non-infected whelks acting as the most popular pets in the volcano's market), arrest anyone and have them in eternal confinement in an impossible-to-escape prison, or sometimes the use of medevil torture to make sure a message is acknowledged. He has an amphipod plankton assistant named Dana, and the commander of all his guards is a very mean, strict, ruthless, and relentless sea pig named Johan Theroux and his equally-mean emperor shrimp partner Impy. Though he does this to protect the outside world from this unknown beast, he was doing extremely harsh things to people that have long since cost him their respect, especially that of Irwin the giant isopod, who runs a movement to try and escape the underground prison after being constantly denied the chance to leave.


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